Join LabX in New Orleans for Pittcon 2015


Stop by and visit with members from our LabX, and LabWrench teams at Pittcon in booth 4417 on March 9th to 12th - Location: Ernest N. Morial Convention Center New Orleans LA USA. If you plan to attend the conference in New Orleans, please take the time to visit the companies below who make a premier laboratory and analytical equipment marketplace.

Companies Exhibiting at Pittcon 2015

GenTech Scientific, Inc. - Pittcon Booth 1420 & 2147

For 18 years, GenTech has helped labs stay up-and-running with high quality, refurbished MS, GC and HPLC equipment from all major manufacturers; over $5 million inventory; 1-5 year warranty; installation and training; and expert, reliable service and repair. Financing options available: Buy or rent. View our Pittcon Featured Listings

Labconco - Pittcon Booth 1116 & 7

Labconco manufactures laboratory equipment for industrial, life science, pharmaceutical, environmental, clinical, and crime labs. Products include fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, glove boxes, glassware washers, and freeze dry systems. ISO 9001 certified.

JM Science Inc. - Pittcon Booth 3901

JM Science provides AQUACOUNTER® KF Coulometric, Volumetric and Potentiometric Titrators. Also available is a wide range of HPLC accessories including Shiseido HPLC columns, degassers, manual injection valves, fittings and solvent reservoirs. New this year-inexpensive deuterium and AA lamps.

See our 24 New Product Introductions.

Miele, Inc. - Pittcon Booth 3319

Miele Professional’s German manufactured laboratory glassware washers are the ideal solution for universities, pharmaceutical, biotech, forensics, and pathology labs. In addition to a wide range of durable, high performance, and energy efficient undercounter and large chamber washers, nearly 100 interchangeable baskets and inserts are available.

See our 12 New Product Introductions.

ABB Analytical - Pittcon Booth 3445

ABB encompass the largest portfolios for laboratory, at-line and process FT-IR/FT-NIR analyzers for Chemical, Life Sciences, Academic, Petroleum, Semiconductor, Metallurgy, OEM, and Remote Sensing/space industries.

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Wyatt Technology - Pittcon Booth 3140

Wyatt Technology is the recognized leader in innovative light scattering instruments, accessories, software and services for determining the properties of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution. With Wyatt’s instruments you can measure the following:
  • Molar mass
  • Size
  • Charge or zeta potential
  • Biomolecular interactions
  • Conformation and composition

See our 8 New Product Introductions.

Glass Expansion Inc. - Pittcon Booth 2727

  • Meet with the experts in ICP-OES and ICP-MS sample introduction
  • See demonstrations of the latest enhanced performance accessories
  • Feel the quality of the consumables line
  • Sign up for a free seminar on Wednesday

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ELGA / Veolia Water - Pittcon Booth 1804

It’s your lab, your budget, your science, shouldn’t you explore your options?
ELGA, market leader in laboratory water purification, has innovated a range of modular lab water purification solutions that give you the choice and freedom for your lab.

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VACUUBRAND - Pittcon Booth 1310

VACUUBRAND offers vacuum pumps, gauges and controllers for lab and OEM applications. Pumps operate quietly with minimal vibration and long service intervals. Unique offerings include multi-user lab vacuum networks and automated pumps with remote monitoring & control. Pump service demos daily 10am & 3pm

Phenom-World - Pittcon Booth 1222

Phenom-World is the worldwide market leader in desktop Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM). All Phenom desktop systems give direct access to the high-resolution and high-quality imaging and analysis required in a large variety of applications.
Phenom is known worldwide for its ease-of-use, speed and reliability.

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Horizon Instrument Group, LLC - Pittcon Booth 3157

Horizon Instrument Group, LLC - located in Baton Rouge Louisiana, USA - manufactures and markets scientific instrument accessories designed to enhance productivity and value from your existing analytical laboratory instrumentation.

Twitter: @HorizonInstrGrp

Brookfield Engineering - Pittcon Booth 3717

Brookfield Engineering has been the world leader in viscosity measurement and control of liquids and semi-solids with our viscometers and rheometers for over 80 years. Stop by our booth for a demo or to speak with our technical experts who can show you how Brookfield can help with your QC and R&D solutions.

See our 31 New Product Introductions.

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