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Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2016    Location: Washington, USA
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ABI 433A Peptide Synthesizer from Blue Lion Biotech
  • Make: Applied Biosystems
  • Model: ABI 433A
  • Condition: Used
  • Type: As Shown
  • Price: Call for price. Availability: In Stock
  • Description:   ABI 433A PEPTIDE SYNTHESIZER Blue Lion Biotech ABI 433A synthesizers are both functionally and Cosmetically like new!      ... Read More
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  • Location: Washington, USA
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Ad Description



Blue Lion Biotech ABI 433A synthesizers are both functionally and Cosmetically like new!
    Most refurbishers clean their used instruments sloppily by hand, maybe a few use touch up paint. Not only do they deliver to you stained and looking old and used, the clean and paint process is not chemical resistant. Rather than the amateur cosmetic work done by hand... Blue Lion Biotech is now offering FREE its new LionCoat™ Finish. 
    An ABI 433A rebuilt by Blue Lion Biotech after finished with LionCoat™ is an amazing difference. 
   We guarantee you will be impressed with the outcome and proud to own an instrument refinished by Blue Lion Biotech.

Advanced peptide research demands uncompromised performance along with instrument and chemistry flexibility. The Model 433A System incorporates many state-of-the-art features that provide improved throughput, efficiency and functionality. For example, you can choose between Fmoc- and tBoc-based methods. 
The system’s unique feedback monitoring system increases through-put with more efficient synthesis of simple peptides. Complex peptides are synthesized with minimal trial-and-error and reagent waste. The SynthAssist®software and Apple Macintosh® computer included with the system provides the power to take full advantage of the innovative feedback control technology. 

Key Features
    •    Performs Fmoc or tBoc Chemistries for flexibility in deprotection strategy. 
    •    Flexibility allows the use of any activation strategy 
    •    Intelligent feedback monitoring offers basic monitoring for simple time extensions or conditional monitoring for a wide variety of synthesis options. 
    •    Wide range of pre-programmed synthesis scales with monitoring (0.1 –1.0 mmole) allows flexibility in synthesis scale. 
    •    SynthAssist Software (Mac platform) includes sequence editor with customizable dictionary.

Original ABI 433A Includes:
    •    Fully Rebuilt to meet or exceed factory specifications
    •    Sold Guaranteed in excellent working condition
    •    NEW Reaction Vessel, Assembly, 41 ml, New Style, 0.25 to 0.5 mM scales. 
    •    MAC G3
    •    Software
    •    User Manual
    •    90-Day Parts and Telephone/Technical Support warranty

Installation and Service Contracts are available.


Blue Lion Biotech fully understands the economic difficulties and challenges involved in today’s research environment. 

We support the biotech community and offer special discounts for qualifying customers. Call for details.

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