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Posted: Monday, February 11, 2013    Location: Chatsworth, California, USA , 91311
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AH Systems SAS-542
  • Make: AH SYSTEMS
  • Model: SAS-542
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  • Description: AH Systems SAS-542 Biconical Antenna For Sale - 20 MHz - 330 MHz. The SAS-542 Folding Biconical Antenna was the first EMC antenna designed for ... Read More
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A H Systems
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A.H. Systems offers a full product line of antennas, accessories, and services to provide you with quick, affordable solutions to your EMC/EMI testing needs.

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Ad Description

AH Systems SAS-542 Biconical Antenna For Sale - 20 MHz - 330 MHz.

The SAS-542 Folding Biconical Antenna was the first EMC antenna designed for portable compliance testing applications. The Biconical Elements unscrew from the balun and fold neatly into a small size for transportation. For rapid deployment, along with the mobility of a small package, the Folding Biconical elements can be closed similar to an umbrella allowing the antenna to be contained in an optional transit storage case. Click here for a demonstration of how this biconical antenna folds neatly into a smaller size. This Biconical antenna is ideal solution for any traveling compliance consultant performing site attenuation measurements.

Biconical Antenna
20 MHz - 330 MHz

High input handling capability up to 1000 watts CW, and rugged design make this Biconical Antenna excellent for immunity testing.

Frequency Range: 20 MHz - 330 MHz
Antenna Factor: 8.5 to 21.5 dB
Gain: -22 to 2.8 dBi
Maximum Continuous Power: 1 Watt
Max Radiated Field: 2 V/m
Pattern Type: omni-directional
Impedance: 50 W
VSWR: 2.0:1
Connector: N-Type, female
Mounting: ABC-B (included)
Physical Dimensions:  
Height: 29 in. (73.7 cm)
Width: 52.75 in. (134 cm)
Weight: 4.3 lb.'s (1.95 kg)


  • Frequency Range of 20 MHz to 330 MHz
  • Receive and Transmit
  • Individually Calibrated (1, 3 and 10 Meter calibration included, horizontal polarization)
  • FCC, MIL-STD, VDE and TEMPEST Testing
  • Folding Elements for Easy Storage


Included Equipment


  • ABC-B Antenna Balun Clamp


Recommended Accessories


  • PAM-0202 (Preamplifier)
  • ATU-510 (Antenna Tripod Unit, wooden)
  • AEH-510 (Azimuth and Elevation Head, Plastic)
  • SAC-213 (3 meter N/N Cable, RG-58A/U

More Information

  • Typical Antenna Factor Plot
  • Typical VSWR
  • Numeric Data


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