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ASD Inc LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument
  • Make: ASD Inc
  • Model: LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument
  • Condition: New
  • Type: As Shown
  • Price: Please Email Availability: In Stock
  • Description: Superior spectral resolution for sharp feature recognition The LabSpec 4 Hi-Res analytical spectrometer is designed for analysis of materials that ... Read More
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Malvern Instruments, Inc.
LabX Member since July 2007.
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Malvern provides the materials and biophysical characterization technology and expertise that enables scientists and engineers to investigate, understand and control the properties of dispersed systems. Used at all stages of research, development and manufacturing, Malvern’s instruments provide critical information that helps accelerate research and product development, enhance and maintain product quality and optimize process efficiency.
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Contact Name: Malvern Instruments, Inc. Location: Westborough, Massachusetts, USA
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