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Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2012    Location: Ohio, USA
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  • Banthrax Safe-T-Dome Deep-Bowl™ Veterinary
  • Banthrax Safe-T-Dome Deep-Bowl™ Veterinary
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  • Make: Banthrax
  • Model: Safe-T-Dome Deep-Bowl™ Veterinary
  • Description:   New, Deeper Glove Box for Veterinary Applications from Banthrax Corporation.   Safe-T-Dome Deep-Bowl™. The range ... Read More
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At Banthrax, we deliver, simple, practical, fail safe workstations that keep technicians and processes in safe, separate environments. Safe, efficient work should be easy both for technicians and the processes they perform. Posi-DomeT I-Box workstations empower users to stay in a comfortable, healthy environment for people, while handling tools and materials in the best environment for the process they perform. This is the way work should be done, if we believe in effectiveness and quality.
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Ad Description


New, Deeper Glove Box for Veterinary Applications from Banthrax Corporation.


Safe-T-Dome Deep-Bowl™.

The range of veterinary applications supported by Safe-T-Dome cabinets was increased dramatically by the Deep-Bowl model. The portability, ease of use, low cost and high level of containment make the Safe-T-Dome an ideal asset for oncology preparation and exams/procedures on very small pathology specimens and animals. The extra volume and "head-room" in the Deep-Bowl configuration allows procedures on larger specimens and live animals. The extra space also provides more room for handling batches of oncology drugs and pathogenic materials. The spill protection and mechanical containment reduce the risk of release and the likelihood of seal damage or clean up issues when the unit is used to prepare or clean specimens, instruments or animals.

After 5 years of Safe-T-Dome™ production, Banthrax Corporation has added a model with more headroom and better mechanical containment for liquids and mobile solids. Already in use in private laboratories and on-order by the US military, the new Deep-Bowl model is supplied with the patented pressure-control and ventilation system proven in the original Safe-T-Dome™ glove box. This Safe-T-Dome Deep-Bowl™ glove box cabinet provides more “headroom” for use of instruments, tools and samples that are over 33 cm in height / length. It is also effective for containing liquids, small samples/tools and powders to avoid spillage when the box is open, and contamination of the seal.


Features Include:

  • New- taller chamber; 35 cm internal vertical clearance (over 18 inches)
  • Easy to use – only one adjustment (vacuum)
  • Easy to place – requires only 5 sq ft (< 0.48 sq m.)
  • Safe – simple, reliable fail-safe vacuum protection
  • Easy to monitor – provides continuing self-check
  • Easy to clean – no nooks, corners or crannies; bleach-safe
  • Easy to move – mass < 6.4 Kg (12 lbs)
  • Easy to maintain – change gloves & filters in 5 min.
  • Total containment – Deep bowl contains liquids, small parts and powders and protects the seal; HEPA filter stops particles in the air
  • Easy to open – lift cabinet open with one finger
  • Economical – New models are priced from under $750 USD.

The proprietary vacuum system provides continuous visible and audible indications that protective vacuum is present.

The bubble gage (bubblier) shows that the vacuum pump is working, as it bubbles air into the glove box. This also indicates that the negative pressure inside is greater than the dip-tube setting.
The bellows moves as it compensates for hand/glove motion, and changes in gage pressure. So long as the bottom of the bellows is raised, there is vacuum present.

Like the original Safe-T-Dome™ models, the Deep-Bowl version is designed primarily for handling hazardous materials, from pathogens and oncology drugs to industrial chemicals, radioisotopes and NBC threats or suspicious articles. There are also more basic versions available for mechanical containment without vacuum protection. While all the vacuum protected models are provided with HEPA filtration, they can also be fitted with external chemical filters, and with pump extension kits for remote discharge.

The vacuum protected models provide containment and operator protection similar to class III biosafety cabinets. For applications that require high-level protection for samples and cabinet interiors, Banthrax is developing a new model to be announced later this quarter ( 4Q06 ).


The simple, safe solution for handling hazardous materials and irritants.