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Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2012    Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA , 97402
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ASI PZM-2000
  • ASI PZM-2000
  • ASI PZM-2000
  • Make: ASI
  • Model: PZM-2000
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  • Description: PZM-2000 OEM Manual Stage with Piezo Z-axis Top Plate If you do not require automated XY movement, but do require automated Z-axis positioning for ... Read More
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Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
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Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc. (ASI) is a company committed to the advancement of science. Our engineers and technicians have years of experience in aiding researchers with their technical needs, and our product line of devices for microscope automation and imaging represents the best technology available. Established in 1990, our product line has evolved out of an interactive process between our engineers and dedicated researchers throughout the world.
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Ad Description

PZM-2000 OEM Manual Stage with Piezo Z-axis Top Plate

If you do not require automated XY movement, but do require automated Z-axis positioning for acquiring precise Z-axis stacks, then the PZM-2000 is the solution. On select models of inverted microscopes, ASI can modify or exchange your existing OEM stage with a PZM-2000 unit. We can procure a manual OEM stage for you, if necessary.

The PZM-2000 consists of ASI’s proven piezo top plate mounted within your existing OEM stage. This requires a completely new top plate be machined for the OEM stage, however, this allows us to provide an elegant solution.

The optional PZM-C Controller compliments the ASI PZM-2000 piezo-Z manual microscope stage retrofit. The unit is provides an LCD readout of position, an external focusing knob, RS-232 serial control, home & zeroing controls all in a small 6 x 4 inch footprint.

The PZM-2000 has been specifically designed to provide a high resolution, and highly repeatable, means of controlling the Z position of the microscope stage. The XY axes are manually controlled utilizing the original OEM stage controls. The piezo top plate of the stage accepts standard K-size slide inserts that are available for any sample, i.e., slides, Petrie dishes, multi-well plates, etc. The slide insert is moved in the Z-axis via a piezo element with a range of 100 µm and with nanometer accuracy (200 µm and 500 µm ranges are also available). By moving the sample in the Z-plane, any objective can be used, eliminating twisting wires or needed spacers as required when a piezo element is put onto a single objective. The piezo stage can be controlled remotely with a 0-10 volt D.C. analog input voltage, or optionally, with a PZM-2000 Controller or a calibrated manual ten-turn potentiometer.


  • Closed-loop control of Z-axes for precise, and highly repeatable focusing
  • Nanometer-scale resolution, repeatability, and accuracy
  • Proven operation with many popular software packages

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