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Posted: Sunday, May 20, 2012    Location: Shelton, Connecticut, USA
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Milestone START
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  • Description: Microwave-accelerated organic synthesis is now a mainstream technology in the pharmaceutical, biochem, catalyst, and fine chemical industries. The num ... Read More
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Today's laboratories are challenged to process more samples at lower detection levels with fewer available resources. Often the limitations of the existing sample preparation approach creates a "bottleneck" in productivity. At Milestone our full suite of Microwave Sample Prep productivity tools are backed by over 50 patents and 20 years of industry expertise to break these bottlenecks by providing safe, reliable and flexible platforms to enhance your productivity.
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Ad Description

Microwave-accelerated organic synthesis is now a mainstream technology in the pharmaceutical, biochem, catalyst, and fine chemical industries. The number of articles describing microwave-assisted synthesis has grown quickly, from about 300 papers in 1995 to over 100,000 in 2010. It is difficult to open a journal today and not find an article where microwaves have not been used as part of a synthetic process. Presently, there are hundreds-of-thousands of microwave synthesizers that have been installed around the world.

Since the technology is so common now in industrial and government labs, students who have gained experience using microwaves are at a significant advantage entering the workforce. It has also been important to align researchers in academic labs with the same tools to that of their academic counterparts. Academic labs, though, have found it difficult to acquire this cutting-edge technology due to the high initial cost of a professional-grade system. Milestone has been a frontrunner is its ability to offer cutting edge technology in combination with budget-conscious pricing for the academic marketplace. 

We would like to introduce a new Milestone START platform

The new system takes advantage of Milestone’s sophisticated engineering designs and combines technology with the needs of academic teaching environments. Over the last 20 years advances in technology and instrumentation has driven the need to modify how chemistry is taught and utilized. Today’s organic students need to be exposed to the latest technology while developing a thorough understanding of the theoretical fundamentals. Microwave technology is one of the most prevalent tools in today’s synthetic community and Milestone was the first microwave company to recognize the need to have a platform for educators to teach students a technology they will utilize in the workplace. After several years of success in a number of institutions, we have listened to what is needed for today’s curriculum.


Milestone’s START platform offers a unique application flexibility: thanks to its highly homogenous field, students are able to perform a variety of chemical organic and inorganic synthesis as well as a number of analytical chemistries. With Milestone’s new teaching rotor, in fact, up to 32 reactions can be performed at the same time. The academic kit has been equipped with the teaching rotor with 16 vessels (more vessels can be added for larger classrooms), contactless infrared temperature monitoring (ease-of-use and safe handling), an open port on top of the microwave reactor specifically designed for open glass reflux reactions of multiple sizes with an optional condenser placed on the outside of the cavity. Because the system is modular by design, the START system allows additional accessories (additional monitoring capability) or any of Milestone’s wide variety of rotor bodies & vessels to be added at any time.

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