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LabX Enters Our 20th Year

As we enter 2015, we are humbled to have played a unique part in helping advance scientific research over the past 20 years, and we are even more excited for the future of LabX and the developments which are forthcoming.

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0.1µg sensitivity, 5g capacity, +/-500mg dynamic range The MK2-M5 is a high precision Recording Microbalance designed to record changes in weight over extended time periods under a ...
Ad 2086695
NEW CI Precision MK2-M5 Recording Microbalance
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Make: AimSizer Scientific Ltd. HMK-1601  Price: Please Call
HMK TABLET FRIABILITY TESTER HMK Tablet Friability Tester™ — Model HMK-1601 is a type of Roche friabilator. It is used to determine the friability of compressed, uncoated tablets in pharm ...
Ad 2190638
AimSizer Scientific Ltd. HMK-1601
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Make: Schaefer Technologies Inc. MODEL-10  Price: Please Email
Manufacturer: Schaefer Technologies, Inc. Model: Model-10 Year: 1994 Serial #: 94D-02 Condition: Very Good - Reconditioned by Manufacturer System:&nbs ...
Ad 2162319
Schaefer Technologies Inc. MODEL-10
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Make: American Process Systems FZM-53  Price: Please Call
used American Process Systems model FZM-53 (53 Cu.Ft./1500 Liter) Twin Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer/Paddle blender. 304 Stainless Steel. 30 HP 230/460 volt motor. Mixer paddles are 25 RPM.&nbs ...
Ad 2128363
American Process Systems FZM-53
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Make: Varian VK7000  Price: 5,000.00
From the VORTEX Sales Group, we have 13 VK7000 complete dissolution baths with heater/circulator, new vessels, paddles, basket shafts and 40 mesh baskets. Completely refurbished with new cen ...
Ad 2094508
Varian VK7000
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Make: Distek 2100C  Price: 4,500
Refurbished Distek 2100C with heater/circulator TSC0200 from the VORTEX Sales Group. Comes with a set of brand new USP compliant, serialized 1L Dissolution Vessels, stainless steel paddles, ...
Ad 2094507
Distek 2100C
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Make: Distek 3104  Price: 4,995
Acquired from a recently closed major pharmaceutical company, this Distek 3104 bathless USP disintegration tester comes with 4 USP Apparatus "A", 6 sample baskets and a set of flut ...
Ad 2058764
Distek 3104
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Make: IMA Pharma AZ-40  Price: Please Email
Reconditioned IMA ZANASI AZ 40 Automatic Capsule Filler with NEW Capsule Change Parts Manufacturer:  ZANASI, IMA Group, Ozzano-Bologna Italy Model:  AZ 40 Capsule Change Parts ...
Ad 1956168
IMA Pharma AZ-40
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Make: Alfa Laval Heli-Sep  Price: Please Call
The Heli-Sep is the most effective, efficient oily water separator available. A unique concept utilizing the dual capabilities of gravity assist separation and coalescence provides a permane ...
Ad 1907453
Alfa Laval Heli-Sep
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Make: Alfa Laval Freshwater Generator  Price: Please Call
The product of decades of research and development, the Alfa Laval freshwater generator concept offers effective solutions to all the problems commonly associated with traditional designs: ...
Ad 1907451
Alfa Laval Freshwater Generator

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