AKTA Explorer

AKTA Explorer

ÄKTAexplorer™ chromotography systems are designed for fast development and optimization of any biomolecular purification, using one working platform for all techniques and samples. The method wizard and optimized system configurations, allow rapid media screening, method scouting, method optimization, and scale-up experiments. Standard system configurations are available to suit most purification needs, but are easily modified if required. Systems can be used at flow rates up to 100 ml/min (pressure 10 MPa) to ensure minimized run times at maximum flow rates or at 10 ml/min (pressure 25 MPa) for applications routinely using columns that generate higher backpressures. Preparation times are minimized while accuracy and reproducibility of results are assured.

ÄKTAexplorer has been discontinued and is replaced with ÄKTA avant.

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