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LabX Privacy Notice

Document Name: LabX Privacy Notice
Document Date: January 22, 2009

LabX Privacy Policy

LabX is dedicated to helping you find the information and equipment you need in the most efficient manner possible. As a resource which, at its core requires the exchange of information, LabX believes it is necessary for you to understand which information is kept private and which information is shared with other users of the LabX system. We realize that our greatest asset is the trust we've gained by our loyal customers, both buyers and sellers. In order to protect that asset, we've implemented policies to safeguard the information we collect during your experience at LabX. This document will outline the information we collect, the access that other users have to your information, and those parties with whom we share your information. Your use of the LabX system constitutes your agreement with this policy and the LabX User Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms outlined in these policies, do not use the LabX system.

LabX may, from time to time, revise this Privacy Policy. Therefore, you should periodically visit this page to determine the then-current Privacy Policy. Your continued use after the posting of any revisions to the Privacy Policy will constitute your agreement to be bound by such revisions.

This Privacy Policy describes the policies of LabX regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of the following types of information:
  • Information obtained when you and other users visit LabX.
  • Information obtained through e-mail communications with you related to the Site.
This privacy policy does not apply to information that we may collect from you by other means (including offline) or from other sources. Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of all of the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy and your consent to any action we take with respect to your information that is in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Information We Collect

LabX gathers information both directly and indirectly from you and your activities on the website. In addition to the incidental information which is gathered by your visit at the website (such as your IP address, browser type and version, the URL from which you arrived at LabX, and the URL to which you will next visit) we specifically request certain information from you such as (but not limited to):

1.1 Registration. When you registered at LabX, we required that you provide us with certain information in exchange for the services that we provide to you. The information requested was necessary in order to protect the integrity of the LabX system, to identify who uses our system, to provide you with a customized experience, and to reduce any instances of fraudulent activity.

1.2 Ad Submission.
When you submit a classified advertisement or an auction ad to the LabX system, we identify the ad as yours and record the information and images you submit with the advertisement. We record any changes you make to the ad and keep all changes on file. We also record the statistics associated with the advertisement such as (but not limited to) hits, views, inquiries, bidders, bids, and fees.

1.3 Service / Parts Mail Server.
If you have chosen to subscribe to the Service / Parts Mail Server, you will receive occasional messages from other users wishing to communicate their immediate need for parts and service for specific items. Any requests you submit via the Service / Parts Mail Server will be recorded.

1.4 LabX X-Mail System or our “Request Information or Quote”:
If you wish to contact dealers, manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, or other companies via our LabX X-Mail system or our “Request Information or Quote” to obtain service, or purchase laboratory equipment or supplies, your message submitted via the LabX X-Mail system will be recorded and any details you provide will be sent to applicable third parties.

1.5 LabX User-To-Advertiser Inquiry. If you submit an inquiry via the Contact The Advertiser text box, your inquiry will be recorded with the advertisement. Both you and the advertiser will receive a copy of the inquiry. In addition, your inquiry will be gathered with the advertisement and may be accessed by the advertiser from the ad within the LabX system.

1.6 LabX User-To-User Note. If you submit a message via the "E-mail a Colleague" feature, your submission will be recorded.

1.7 LabX Rating System. If you submit feedback on a transaction you've completed in the LabX auction forum, your comments will be recorded. In addition, if someone has submitted feedback on a transaction they've completed with you in the LabX auction forum, their comments will be recorded as well. All comments submitted and gathered are public and will be displayed on the LabX site.

1.8 Payment System. If you provide payment to LabX for LabX services, LabX will record specific information to help validate the payment request. If you pay by credit card, we will not record the credit card number you use. We will record the addressing information on the credit card as well as the approval or non-approval codes sent back from our credit card processor. If you pay by bank check or money order, we will retain a copy of your payment instrument for our records for a period of up to three years.

1.9 Other Correspondence. If you send personal correspondence, such as e-mail, letters, documents, or if third parties send us correspondence about your activities which pertain to the LabX website, we may collect this information in your LabX file.
2. Information Disclosure

In order to facilitate the exchange of new, surplus and used scientific equipment and supplies, it is necessary to exchange information which will identify the seller and the buyer. In general, the information that we collect about you and your use of our site is used for several purposes:
  • To facilitate and customize your navigation through the LabX site without having to re-enter your user information and password during your visit.
  • To aggregate and provide summarized data concerning your bidding activities, purchases, requests, and classified ad submissions for your use.
  • To help in the resolution of disputes, to ensure adherence to our User Agreement, and to attempt to reduce instances of fraudulent activity
  • To provide you with a summary of the LabX site activity (if you have so requested)
  • To provide you with customized support for any questions you have concerning LabX or your LabX account, and to contact you about changes regarding the site.
LabX also may use your information to better understand the needs of our users and to improve our site. (For example, to help determine which sections of the Site are most popular and the general demographics of our Users.) Cookies and other User information also enable us to customize your Site experience.

We may use IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our servers or to administer our Site. We may also use IP addresses to help identify a User during a particular session and to gather data regarding use of the Site.

How We Use Your Information

may use the information you provide us to send you e-mail, fax, and other communications. These communications may include e-mail newsletters that are relevant to this site, as well as offers for other LabX products and subsidiaries. These communications will include instructions explaining how you can "opt out" of future communications of the same type.

We will not disclose your information to anyone outside of LabX, except as described in this section.

We may disclose aggregated anonymous statistics about many Users to advertisers, content and service providers, and other affiliated and unaffiliated companies.

We sometimes engage third parties to perform services for us, including in connection with this site, that require us to disclose Users' Personally Identifiable Information to them. If we make any such disclosure, we will require such parties to keep the information confidential and to use it only to perform the services.

We also may disclose your information to our sponsors, advertisers, or third parties that wish to market products or services that may be of interest to you. We will require these parties to keep any Personally Identifiable Information provided by us confidential and use it only to market and provide their products or services or with your approval. When you register with and provide information to LabX, you will be given an opportunity to "opt out" of our disclosing your Personally Identifiable Information as described in this paragraph. You may also opt out of such disclosures at any time on the “My LabX” page of this Site or by sending an e-mail.

The only other times we may disclose your Personally Identifiable Information collected on this Site are as follows:

  • In the event of an asset sale, merger, consolidation, restructuring, reorganization, liquidation or other similar transaction involving LabX or this Site, we may transfer some or all User information, including Personally Identifiable Information, to the successor company.
  • We will disclose your Personally Identifiable Information when we believe such disclosure is required by law or for the protection of persons or property.
  • We may disclose your Personally Identifiable Information with your consent, as well as when disclosure is necessary to accomplish the purpose for which you provide it. For example, when you request information from advertisers in the ‘XMail’ or ‘Request Information' section of our website, we will disclose your Personally Identifiable Information to the advertisers you specify or ones best suited to your request.
We also may use your information to send you e-mail and other communications on behalf of unaffiliated third parties. When you provide information to this site, you will be given an opportunity to "opt out" of our sending you offers on behalf of third parties. In addition, each of these communications will include instructions for opting out of receiving future third party offers from us. You may also opt out of receiving third party offers from this Web Site at any time on the “My LabX” page of this Site or by sending us an e-mail.

Please realize that we cannot absolutely assure you that your information will never be disclosed to third parties in a manner other than is described in this document. We may be forced to provide the government with information concerning activities on the site, your transmissions may be intercepted by illegal methods, and information which is collected by sellers or buyers may be misused. In all cases, we endeavor to protect your information using all reasonable efforts but we cannot guarantee that we can protect it. The information that you provide to us in addition to the information that we gather about your activities on our site may be disclosed as follows:

2.1 LabX Auction Ads. The name and the phone number of the advertiser will be displayed with all auction ads. We recommend that you do not include your e-mail address in the body of your ad as this encourages unsolicited "spam" messages.

2.2 Other LabX Classified Ads. The advertiser has the option whether or not he wishes to include his name and/or phone number. We recommend that you do not include your e-mail address in the body of your ad as this encourages unsolicited "spam" messages.

2.3 Service / Parts Mail Server. If you submit an message via the Service / Parts Mail Server, your e-mail address and your message will be transmitted to the other Service / Parts Mail Server subscribers.

2.4 LabX X-Mail System. If you submit a message via the LabX X-Mail system, any information you provide in the template will be sent to the recipients you've designated including your email address.

2.5 LabX User-To-Advertiser Inquiry. If you submit a message via the "Contact the Advertiser" text box in any LabX classified or auction advertisement, your e-mail address, and if you so fill out, your name and phone number, and message will be sent to the advertiser.

2.6 LabX User-To-User Note. If you submit a message via the "E-mail a Colleague" feature, your e-mail address, name, phone number, and message will be transmitted to the e-mail address you designate in the template.

2.7 LabX Rating System. If you submit feedback for any user on the LabX Rating System, your comments, "handle", and ad number will recorded with your rating. If feedback is submitted about you on the LabX Rating System, those comments will also be kept in a rating file which is viewable by other LabX users.

2.8 Bidders in the LabX Auction. When you submit a bid in the LabX auction system, the seller of the item will have access to your name, phone number, e-mail address, amount bid, and the time you submitted your bid. If you are declared the winner of any auction, the seller will be provided with the address you listed in your registration form.

2.9 LabX "Handle" or "User ID". When you registered at LabX you were asked to choose a "Handle". Your LabX "Handle" is your identity on LabX. If you chose to use your e-mail address or other similar personally identifiable handle, this information will be easily accessible by other users on the site. Please choose your handle carefully if you do not wish to reveal your identity to the entire LabX community. Using a handle on LabX in no way guarantees your anonymity on the site.

3. Your Use of Others' Information

While using the LabX system, you agree to respect the personal information which is provided to you by the LabX system. It is a violation of this policy to use any information gained by the use of the LabX system against the interests of LabX. In addition, it is against this policy for a user to sell or otherwise profit from third-party use of personal information obtained through the normal course of business while using the LabX system.

4. Your Use of the LabX Communication Tools

You may not use any LabX communication tool to send spam, harassing messages, or any other content which would violate this policy or the LabX User Agreement. The LabX Communication tools have been created to help facilitate the exchange of used and surplus scientific equipment on the LabX system. Any use contrary to this end is prohibited by LabX and will result in the suspension of these LabX privileges.

5. Your Password

You are responsible for any bids, communications, submissions, or requests submitted under your username. Please do not disclose your password to anyone for any reason. If you forget your password, LabX will e-mail you your password but we will not disclose your password over the phone. If you use a shared computer, you should log off of the LabX system when you finish your session to avoid unauthorized use of your account.

6. Final Statement

We take many precautions to safeguard your personal information but it is necessary for you to understand that an impenetrable security does not exist on the internet. You can substantially limit the misuse of your personal information by using common sense regarding the dissemination of sensitive data. It is never recommended to send your credit card numbers, banking information, social security information, or other sensitive information via e-mail. In addition, if you are ever uncomfortable providing sensitive personal information, you should fully investigate the request and resolve all concerns prior to providing any such information to a third party. If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy or any LabX policy, you may contact us by e-mail, phone, or postal mail.

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