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What is LabDrawerTM?

LabDrawerTM is a dedicated marketplace for any scientific items that will be listed below $100.

This section has been designed to better meet the needs of our customers who buy and sell a variety of lower-priced items on a regular basis and is separate from our main auction system.

To view only LabDrawerTM ads, click LabAuction from the left-side menu bar, then click LabDrawerTM. Choose a category name to display the ads, or click View All ads in LabDrawerTM.

The LabDrawerTM auction system is different from our regular auction system in the following key ways:

  • Auctions are held each Wednesday and Saturday from 11AM to 3PM EST. When you submit an ad, you will be asked to choose from the next two Wednesdays or Saturdays to hold your auction.
  • All items listed will have a minimum opening bid below $100.
  • The maximum bid price for any item posted in the LabDrawerTM is $100.
  • A Buy it Now feature is available to stop the auction for buyers who are willing to pay the $100 maximum bid price at any time during the auction.
  • The cost of listing an item in the LabDrawerTM is 0.1 credits - 50% less than our regular auction ad rate. For items that sell for less than $20 you will receive a refund of 0.05 credits. Credits may be used in any combination for purchases which require credits.
  • We now offer the option to purchase 0.3 credits for $10.

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