Archem Process Equipment: Current Listings (55)

Ad # Type Headline Price Action
528849 For Sale Used Ross HSM-40 Vacuum Double Helical Mixer Reactor $50,000.00 Request A Quote
528852 For Sale Ross HSM-425 In-Line High Shear Mixer-Emulsifier System with 100 Gallon Reactor $45,000.00 Request A Quote
528855 For Sale Scott Turbon 5 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer With Discharge Press $28,000.00 Request A Quote
528858 For Sale Bowers Mixer 125 US Gallons for Viscous Products $45,000.00 Request A Quote
528931 For Sale Jaygo 10 Liter High Shear Double Planetary Mixer $18,000.00 Request A Quote
528932 For Sale Jaygo Planetary Mixer with High Speed Disperser Blade $45,500.00 Request A Quote
528933 For Sale Used EMCO Cowels Dual Shaft Mixer Model V-MAX-2V-5 $25,000.00 Request A Quote
528935 For Sale Jaygo Saturn, Nauta Type Planetary Mixer, FF-5-MO, 45 Litres $33,000.00 Request A Quote
529033 For Sale Used Vacuum Atmospheric Company Glove Box, model DLX-001-2-P $7,000.00 Request A Quote
529037 For Sale Ross HDM-10 Double PlanetaryMixer $28,500.00 Request A Quote
529039 For Sale Hockmeyer 50/100 HP Dual Shaft Disperser $12,000.00 Request A Quote
529040 For Sale Zevatech Zoned Convection Reflow Conveyor Dryer Oven $6,500.00 Request A Quote
529043 For Sale Used Paul O. Abbe Inc. Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, Model RCD $27,900.00 Request A Quote
529045 For Sale Busch Mink Vacuum Pumps: MM1322 AV Aqua-Gasdicht & Busch Blowers: MM1104 BP Aqua-Gasdicht & MM1142BP $6,000.00 Request A Quote
529046 For Sale Used Ross MixerLDM-4 Gallon Stock # UR4AC02 & UR4AC03 $20,000.00 Request A Quote
529119 For Sale Anhydro Spray Dryer Model S1, Electrically heated $17,500.00 Request A Quote
529120 For Sale VWR 1430M Lab Oven $1,700.00 Request A Quote
529121 For Sale Used Lab Oven, VWR, model 1370GM Please Call Request A Quote
529122 For Sale Union Process Zegvari Attritor BATCH, Model 100-SN Please Call Request A Quote
530990 For Sale Patterson Kelley 6" Zig-Zag Continuous Blender, Model 6" C.L.S.S. $12,000.00 Request A Quote
530991 For Sale 185 Cubic Feet Powder Hopper Please Call Request A Quote
530992 For Sale Used 8 Quart Paterson Kelly V-Blender $3,800.00 Request A Quote
530993 For Sale 100 Litre Reactor manufactured by Bulling Metal Works $12,000.00 Request A Quote
530996 For Sale Dimplex Thermal Solutions Indy Kool 40 Ton Chiller $22,500.00 Request A Quote
530997 For Sale 20 Gallon Reactor, Full Vacuum to 50 PSI at 302 F $7,900.00 Request A Quote