Archem Process Equipment: Current Listings (17)

Ad # Type Headline Price Action
595969 For Sale APV Rannie Homogenizer Type 12.56VH, S/N 1.98.185, Max Pressure 1500 BAR $44,000.00 Request A Quote
595970 For Sale Union Process Szegvari Model Q-2 Type C Circulation Attritor Please Call Request A Quote
595971 For Sale Union Process Zegvari, Type B, Size 1 S Attritor $6,900.00 Request A Quote
595973 For Sale TANKS, DUST SHIELDS AND SCRAPER ARM FOR ROSS MIXERS - 1, 2, 4, 10 & 40 GALLON CAPACITY Please Call Request A Quote
595974 For Sale REFURBISHED Ross HDM-200 HDM-225 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer with New Lift System and Support base Please Call Request A Quote
595975 For Sale Used Autoclave Engineers 2 Liter Reactor 25,000 PSI @ 700 F $19,500.00 Request A Quote
595976 For Sale MG2 FX 40 DIRECT HALER DEVICE FILLING LINE Please Call Request A Quote
595977 For Sale Used Bowers 50 US Gallon Vacuum Mixer with Single Shaft Anchor-Scraper $30,000.00 Request A Quote
595979 For Sale Used EMCO Cowels Dual Shaft Mixer Model V-MAX-2V-5 $25,000.00 Request A Quote
595982 For Sale Jaygo 10 Liter High Shear Double Planetary Mixer $18,000.00 Request A Quote
595983 For Sale Used Paul O. Abbe Inc. Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, Model RCD $27,900.00 Request A Quote
595984 For Sale Jaygo Planetary Mixer with High Speed Disperser Blade $45,500.00 Request A Quote
596636 For Sale 100 Litre Reactor manufactured by Bulling Metal Works $12,000.00 Request A Quote
596637 For Sale Used Ross 100 Liter AGI Mixer Inquire Request A Quote
596638 For Sale Union Process Zegvari Attritor BATCH, Model 100-SN Please Call Request A Quote
597747 For Sale Littleford model FKM600-D Please Call Request A Quote
599484 For Sale Used Ross LDM-DS-4 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer With Discharge Press $42,500.00 Request A Quote