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31080492 For Sale Varian Dissolution apparatus VK 7030. 5-40°C. 115/230 V. 50/60 $16,900.00 Request A Quote
31080560 For Sale Thermo Spectronic cell disruption system French Press FA-078. 40 K $6,500.00 Request A Quote
31080592 For Sale Foss Tecator Soxhlet system Soxtec HT2. Only extraction unit 1045. 2 $1,250.00 Request A Quote
31080593 For Sale Tecator Soxtec system HT2. 2-flame with Extraction unit 1045. With $1,250.00 Request A Quote
31080594 For Sale Foss Tecator Combined disclosure bloc digestor 1007. 6 positions $850.00 Request A Quote
31080848 For Sale QCS Digestion equipment V5. Burning equipment made of quartz for $3,900.00 Request A Quote
31080853 For Sale Prolabo pressure digestion system. Consisting of 3 Superdigest $1,980.00 Request A Quote
31080963 For Sale Paar Cell disruption system 45. Max 152 bar. Out of stainless steel. $980.00 Request A Quote
31081036 For Sale MLS Microwave system Ethos Plus II. 10-fold sample tray for pressure $4,800.00 Request A Quote
31081162 For Sale Krner anlaytic Combustion unit Trace-0 Mat II. Combustion unit VAE 2. $1,980.00 Request A Quote
31081238 For Sale JP Selecta Fat extractor Det-Gras N6P. 6 places. Working temperature $6,250.00 Request A Quote
31081547 For Sale Gestigkeit Rapid Incinerator SVR/E. With Electric Temperatur $1,085.00 Request A Quote
31081556 For Sale Gerhardt Kjeldahlapparatur KB / CRL. Extraction unit 6 A11/14 EV with $2,600.00 Request A Quote
31081561 For Sale Gerhardt Kjeldahl 2000 Turbotherm $980.00 Request A Quote
31081562 For Sale Gerhardt Water-steam destillation unit Vapodest 1. For determination $1,950.00 Request A Quote
31081596 For Sale Foss Tecator Extraction system Soxtec 2050. 6 extraction places. $9,800.00 Request A Quote
31081783 For Sale Constant Systems Cell Disrupter OneShot. High-pressure cell $7,900.00 Request A Quote
31081948 For Sale Behr Blowout station STOXS 1. Magnetic stirrer max 1400 rpm. Heating $2,800.00 Request A Quote
31081949 For Sale Behr Reaction apparatus Behrotest ET 1. For COD reactions. Heating $1,680.00 Request A Quote