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506631 For Sale SkanWasher 300 Stacker Microplate Washing Setup $1,750.00 Request A Quote
507084 For Sale Beckman J2-MC Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge with rotor $4,995.00 Request A Quote
507085 For Sale Refurbished Virtis Genesis 12 EL Pilot Plant Freeze Dryer $14,500.00 Request A Quote
507747 For Sale Olympus SZ40 Stereoscope, ST lighted base, Olympus DP11 Digital Camera System $1,795.00 Request A Quote
508210 For Sale Nikon Optiphot-2 Phase Microscope, excellent condition $1,495.00 Request A Quote
508376 For Sale Hund Wetzlar H500 Brightfield/ Fluorescence Microscope..reduced $1,395.00 Request A Quote
508377 For Sale Hund Willovert S inverted microscope, Hoffman Modulation optics $1,395.00 Request A Quote
509575 For Sale Perkin Elmer Fusion Multimode Microplate Reader with computer and software $3,995.00 Request A Quote
509576 For Sale Meiji EMZ-TR trinocular stereoscope, excellent condition $1,095.00 Request A Quote
509969 For Sale Leica DMR-XE upright phase/ fluorescence microscope $6,500.00 Request A Quote
510197 For Sale Refrigerated Tomy Wheeled Microfuge with swing out rotor $1,295.00 Request A Quote
510683 For Sale Fisher Marathon 22KBR Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge, 2 rotors $1,250.00 Request A Quote
510839 For Sale Aus Jena Jenaval Brightfield/ Darkfield Microscope, 5 objectives $995.00 Request A Quote
510840 For Sale Trinocular Olympus BX50 Fluorescence Microscope $8,095.00 Request A Quote