SpectraLab Scientific Inc.: Current HPLC Pumps Listings (6)

Ad # Type Headline Price Action
547874 For Sale Shimadzu LC-20AT Pump $4,000.00 Request A Quote
572763 For Sale Shimadzu LC-8A Solvent Delivery Pump $3,100.00 Request A Quote
572770 For Sale Shimadzu LC-10AT vp Pump $2,000.00 Request A Quote
572771 For Sale Shimadzu LC-10AD vp Pump $2,000.00 Request A Quote
594053 For Sale Refurbished Waters AutoPurification System(Waters2545, SFO) with the 2996 PDA Please Call Request A Quote
31877976 For Sale Dionex ICS3000 Isocratic Single Pump Motor Assy In Stock Call for Quote Request A Quote