Government Liquidation : Current Listings (215)

Ad # Type Headline Price Action
499486 Announcement Surplus Medical & Dental Equipment from Government Liquidation Request A Quote
32996381 For Sale GE Inspection Technologies Inc, Mdl Pegasus CR50P, Computed Request A Quote
32996393 For Sale Aseptico Inc, Operation Dental Chair, P/N ADC01CS, Folds Out With Request A Quote
32996394 For Sale Coltene/Whaledent Inc, Mdl Px110, Drilling Machine Dental Equipment, Request A Quote
32996397 For Sale Aseptico Inc, Mdl ADC-01, Portable Patient Chair - Government Request A Quote
33013059 For Sale Sage Products Inc, Suction Swab System - Government Liquidation Request A Quote
33013060 For Sale A-Dec Inc, Dental operating chair with dental delivery system and Request A Quote
33013062 For Sale Portable Dental Operating Chair & Stool Unit W/Container, Request A Quote
33025669 For Sale Bell Dental Inc, Dental Operating Unit, Main Power: 100-240 VAC, Request A Quote
33025671 For Sale 2ea L&R Manufacturing Company, mdl Quantrex 200, Ultrasonic Request A Quote
33052483 For Sale 3ea Motor Armature, P/N 25138A, Overall Length: 17.6560 inches Request A Quote
33052484 For Sale 1ea General Electric CO, Motor Starter, P/N 194B854G1S2 - Government Request A Quote
33064353 For Sale 2 each Dental EZ, work consoles. Equipped with 5 storage drawers, 3 Request A Quote
33064355 For Sale 85ea(apprx) Centrix, Dental Hand Mandrel, steel corrosion resisting - Request A Quote
33080090 For Sale Whip Mix, Wax Tool Heater, 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 W, Powers Up, Request A Quote
33080093 For Sale 382ea(apprx) Supreme Mfg. Co., Iris Hook, sharp, tyrell, 5in overall Request A Quote
33122988 For Sale 3ea on 3 PLT of Medical items to include; DentalEZ, J/V Generation, Request A Quote
33122989 For Sale Air Technologies Inc, Mdl M5B, Dental Equipment Compressor-Dehydrator Request A Quote
33123072 For Sale Cla-Val Co, Fluid Pressure Regulating Valve, P/N 74123B, Size: 8" Request A Quote
33123073 For Sale 5ea Liquid Pump Housing, P/N S404GA, Material: Copper Alloy, Size: 6 Request A Quote
33123074 For Sale 3ea Eaton Corporation, Nonmetallic Hose Assembly, P/N AE1009011M0590 Request A Quote
33123075 For Sale 12" Opening Manual Gate Valve, P/N 11F-CB-2-15 - Government Request A Quote
33123077 For Sale 313ea(apprx) Fluid Pressure Regulating Valve, P/N 11629102-2 - Request A Quote
33123078 For Sale 6ea TRD Manufacturing Inc, Air cylinder, Bore/Stroke: 4in X 24in, 250 Request A Quote
33123079 For Sale Sotera Engineered Solutions, Clear water pumping unit - Government Request A Quote