Government Liquidation : Current Listings (890)

Ad # Type Headline Price Action
499486 Announcement Surplus Medical & Dental Equipment from Government Liquidation Request A Quote
31471364 For Sale OLympus, Mdl IV7D6X1-26,Fiberscope w/case - Government Liquidation Request A Quote
31471366 For Sale 2ea Dental Examination Revolving Stool, Manufactures to include: Request A Quote
31471368 For Sale Ge Reuter Strokes Inc, Radiation Environmental Monitor, Power Request A Quote
31471369 For Sale Olympus, Mdl IV7D6X-26, Fiberscope w/case - Government Liquidation Request A Quote
31471384 For Sale Dental-Ez Inc, Treatment & Operating Chair, P/N CM-185 - Request A Quote
31510049 For Sale Field Operations, Dental Equipment & Supplies to include but not Request A Quote
31585440 For Sale ASI Medical Inc., Mdl# 2025M/AR, Dental Operating Unit, 115-220 V, Request A Quote
31585442 For Sale 3ea, A-Dec Inc., Dental Light, 120 V, 0.90 A, 50/60 Hz, P/N 6300 - Request A Quote
31585448 For Sale Total Lift, MFG-Wy East Medical, Hospital Lifting Chair - Government Request A Quote
31585451 For Sale Amsco, Mdl 3085SP, Steris Surgical Table, S/N B400604039, 120Vac Request A Quote
31585452 For Sale Amsco, Mdl 3085SP, Steris Surgical Table, S/N B402904040, 120Vac Request A Quote
31585453 For Sale Amsco, Mdl 3085SP, Steris Surgical Table, S/N B401304005, 120Vac Request A Quote
31585454 For Sale Amsco, Mdl 3085SP, Steris Surgical Table, S/N B404204021, 120Vac Request A Quote
31585458 For Sale 1018ea(apprx) Red Dot Corporation, Tube Elbow, P/N RD-5-10517-0P - Request A Quote
31585459 For Sale 22ea, Derbyshire Machine & Tool Co, Globe Valve, P/N 514636-2 - Request A Quote
31585460 For Sale 585ea(apprx) Red Dot Corporation, Pipe Reducer, P/N RD5105740P - Request A Quote
31585463 For Sale 4ea Clark-Reliance Corporation, Flow Control Valve, P/N JMS-47812 - Request A Quote
31585464 For Sale Hyspan Precision Products Inc, Metal Hose Assembly, P/N AT1919-1000 - Request A Quote
31585466 For Sale 6ea Apco/Valve & Primer Corporation, Check Valve, P/N 104P3 - Request A Quote
31585467 For Sale 2ea Leslie Controls, Butterfly Valve, P/N YC1188654 - Government Request A Quote
31585468 For Sale 2ea Pioneer Industries Inc, Gate Valve, P/N 2157 3.00in - Government Request A Quote
31585469 For Sale 3ea Tyco Valves & Controls, Actuating Line Cylinder Assembly, P/N Request A Quote
31585470 For Sale 3ea RPM Supply Corporation, Bent Metallic Tube Set, P/N 017-08387-000 Request A Quote
31585471 For Sale 6ea WM. E. Williams Valve Corp, Check Valve, P/N MILV18436 - Request A Quote