Government Liquidation : Current Listings (1109)

Ad # Type Headline Price Action
499486 Announcement Surplus Medical & Dental Equipment from Government Liquidation Request A Quote
33244567 For Sale 2 Bakery proofing racks with clear plastic covers. Mfg., mfg. date, Request A Quote
33244841 For Sale 6ea Barco Video Switch, P/N 101937, Video Input: 6 Request A Quote
33245022 For Sale 7ea Sony, Mdl EVI-D70, Color video camera, Unable to test due to Request A Quote
33245027 For Sale Sharp, Mdl. XG-P10XU, Overhead Projector, Notevision, item powers on, Request A Quote
33245030 For Sale 5ea Panasonic, MDL# PT-F200NT, LCD Projector, 100-240 V, 3.9-1.4 A, Request A Quote
33245039 For Sale Scale and printer (standalone) Mfg. Mettler-Toledo Mdl. 8461, Serial Request A Quote
33294353 For Sale Pelton And Crane, Light fantastic 2, Dental Light, Unable To Test Due Request A Quote
33294695 For Sale Portable Floor Crane.Heavy duty , 6000 lbs Capacity, MFR: OTC Tools, Request A Quote
33308589 For Sale Bacharach mdl unknown, Combustion Test Kit Fyrite Gas Analyzer, with Request A Quote
33308590 For Sale Quadtech, mdl Guardian 6000 Electrical Safety Analyzer, s/n Request A Quote
33308606 For Sale Life Fitness, 9500HR, elliptical machine, screen did not power on, Request A Quote
33308607 For Sale 3bx CCR Co LLC, Aircraft Plastic Blasting Media, P/N M100 Request A Quote
33308642 For Sale 580 lbs. of computer mice and speakers to include but not limited to: Request A Quote
33308653 For Sale 4100 lbs. of computer keyboards to include but not limited to: Request A Quote
33308764 For Sale QT(3) Floor buffers/sweepers. MFR or MDL not available. QTY (1) Request A Quote
33308863 For Sale 3 Wrapping/Packaging machines. One wrapper manufactured by Davis Request A Quote
33308870 For Sale Inspection Station to include magnifier lamp and Dorner belt conveyor Request A Quote
33308872 For Sale 2ea Sweeney Dover Company, Manual Hand Crank Wire Rope Hoist Request A Quote
33308926 For Sale 10ea AM General LLC, fluid pressure filter parts kit, P/N 57K4410 Request A Quote
33308946 For Sale Temco, 30KVA Power Transformer, primary volts 480, secondary 240/120, Request A Quote
33308950 For Sale 9ea Light Fixture, 12.5" x 48" x 4" Request A Quote
33308953 For Sale 1 Triwall Home or Office Furnishings, Supplies, Safes & Appliances: Request A Quote
33308995 For Sale Hewlett Packard Mdl A9834A Integrity Superdome Server, s/n USE4822KV7 Request A Quote
33308999 For Sale Hewlett Packard Mdl A9835A Integrity Superdome Server, s/n USE4948ET8 Request A Quote