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506321 For Sale REDUCED - Keyence VHX-1000E Digital Microscope $33,995.00 Request A Quote
506325 For Sale Cellomics ArrayScan VTI HCS Reader Please Call Request A Quote
506327 For Sale Leica AutoStainer XL ST5010 with TS5015 option $18,000.00 Request A Quote
508216 For Sale Sartorius Biostat CultiBag RM and RM5 Wave Bioreactor Please Call Request A Quote
508217 For Sale HP-Agilent Series 6890 Plus GC Gas Chromatograph with G1530A Control Unit (Keypad and display) $13,195.00 Request A Quote
508218 For Sale TA Instruments DSC Q2000 Differential Scanning Calorimeter w/ LNCS Cooling System and Computer Please Call Request A Quote
508219 For Sale Dionex ESA Coulochem III Electro-Chemical Detection System with EZChrom Elite Software $9,895.00 Request A Quote
508220 For Sale SOLD: AKTA Prime Plus FPLC with PrimeView Software $8,895.00 Request A Quote
508356 For Sale Leica Motorized Fluorescence Stereo Microscope with Computer and Camera $17,895.00 Request A Quote
508417 For Sale Beckman Avanti J-20 XPI Centrifuge with 6x1L Rotor $18,995.00 Request A Quote
508418 For Sale Beckman Optima XL-90 Preparative Floor Model Ultracentrifuge $11,995.00 Request A Quote
508419 For Sale Sorvall RC5C Floor Model Centrifuge with SLA3000 Rotor $7,995.00 Request A Quote
509936 For Sale Bellco Model BG-927 Co2 Incubator – Overstock Sale $1,995.00 Request A Quote
510714 For Sale Arcturus PixCell II Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope $12,195.00 Request A Quote
29550359 For Sale Thermo Scientific Thermo Flex 900 Recirculating Loop Chiller $2,696.00 Request A Quote
29550360 For Sale New Brunswick Innova 3000 Water Bath $2,395.00 Request A Quote
29550361 For Sale Precision 260 Circulating Water Bath $695.00 Request A Quote
29550365 For Sale Multi-Therm Shaker Call for Price Request A Quote
29550366 For Sale Benchmark Mini Centrifuges Call for Price Request A Quote
29550370 For Sale BioRad 583 Gel Dryer $395.00 Request A Quote
29550377 For Sale Gilson FC204 Fraction Collector $1,235.00 Request A Quote
29550386 For Sale Jewett BPL325 Hema Pro 2000 -30 Blood Plasma Freezer $2,595.00 Request A Quote
29550401 For Sale Fisher Hamilton SafeAire 4ft Fume Hood $2,595.00 Request A Quote
29550405 For Sale Streamline PCR 2ft Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet $1,595.00 Request A Quote
29550425 For Sale Molecular Devices Skan Washer 400 $2,195.00 Request A Quote