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32068945 For Sale Drummond Pipet-Aid Filler Dispenser # 4 000 110 $59.99 Request A Quote
32068946 For Sale Law Firm of Weava, Gotcha, Byda Balls & Ass Todd Warner $1,999.99 Request A Quote
32068947 For Sale Agilent 05921-60020 Display Board $34.99 Request A Quote
32068948 For Sale HP 86140A Series Users Guide $19.99 Request A Quote
32068949 For Sale NEW VICI EMHMA Hi Speed Multipositon Actuator $249.99 Request A Quote
32069620 For Sale MiraiBio 29mM filter holder # P-11999-25000 FMBio II $9.99 Request A Quote
32069621 For Sale Electron Microscopy Sciences Dip Miser # 70510 $39.99 Request A Quote
32069622 For Sale Pair of WF10X Eyepieces with Eyeguards 30mm $24.99 Request A Quote
32069623 For Sale Fisher 134 TissuePrep Flotation Bath $149.99 Request A Quote
32069624 For Sale Rainin RL-10 PIPET-PLUS LTS-10 PIPET 0.5-10UL RL10 $79.99 Request A Quote
32069625 For Sale Rainin Pipet lite pipette SL20 2l to 20l Pipettor Fully operational $75.99 Request A Quote
32069626 For Sale Alloy Products B530-1882-00-E, 75-10 T-304 General Purpose vessel Inv $199.99 Request A Quote
32069627 For Sale Waters 700001457 MUX Gas Tube 2 piece, New $24.99 Request A Quote
32069628 For Sale Chemglass CG-3053 Chem-Jack Lattice mount $149.99 Request A Quote
32069629 For Sale Hoefer PS500XT 500V DC Power Supply inventory 475 $225.00 Request A Quote
32069630 For Sale Electrophoresis Plate Holder $19.99 Request A Quote
32069631 For Sale Boekel 110001 Block Heater, $19.99 Request A Quote
32069632 For Sale Masterflex WU-07591-00 modular drive & pump # 77601-10 $1,099.99 Request A Quote
32069633 For Sale Lauda UB-040 UB040 UB40 Immersion Heater $149.99 Request A Quote
32069634 For Sale Orion pHuture 620 Nonglass Solid-State pH/mV/Temperatu $229.99 Request A Quote
32069635 For Sale Norgren Regulator R07-200-RGKA $9.99 Request A Quote
32069636 For Sale Chroma E560LP nM Filter, 39mM $39.99 Request A Quote
32069637 For Sale Turner Designs 2020-931 Dual Auto Injector System $74.99 Request A Quote
32069638 For Sale Branson 1510 1510R-MT, Ultrasonic Cleaner $275.00 Request A Quote
32069639 For Sale Waters WAT077043 Tubing, Clear Teflon 1/16in. ID x 25 ft $59.99 Request A Quote