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Posted: Saturday, June 16, 2012    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Contact Name: Cincinnati Sub-Zero
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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  • Make: Cincinatti Sub Zero
  • Model: MicroClimate
  • Price: Contact Us Availability: In Stock
  • Description:   Rapid Temperature Cycling in a Compact Test Chamber Choose CSZ's MicroClimate® compact test chamber model for rapid heatin ... Read More
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Cincinnati Sub-Zero
LabX Member since May 2005.
In business since 1940.

The parent of three separate divisions, Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) is a team of service-minded professionals and a leading manufacturer and provider of products for medical and industrial needs.
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Ad Description


Rapid Temperature Cycling in a Compact Test Chamber

Choose CSZ's MicroClimate® compact test chamber model for rapid heating and cooling rates all in a small footprint. Ideal for testing small electronics and components/assemblies, this product line is designed to meet basic to accelerated temperature cycling testing requirements.

This model has 50% more heating/cooling performance as other models in the product line with cooling performance of 5°C/min. The MicroClimate® is available in temperature with optional humidity simulating a full range of temperature and humidity conditions from -73°C to 190°C and optional humidity from 10% to 95% RH .


  • Programmable Controller
  • RS-232 Computer Interface
  • 3" Access Port
  • Demineralizer filter purifies water and electronic humidity sensor provides accuracy and reliability with minimal maintenance on humidity models
  • Available in 230V, 50Hz or 60Hz configurations
  • Compact size saves valuable floor space
  • Includes a one year part and labor warranty for the best warranty in the industry


Cincinnati Sub-Zero is a LabX Sponsor.
Please visit their website at: http://www.cszindustrial.com

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