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Posted: Saturday, March 10, 2012    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Contact Name: Cincinnati Sub-Zero
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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Cincinnati Sub Zero - MicroClimate®
  • Make: Cincinnati Sub Zero
  • Model: MicroClimate®
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  • Description: Compact Chamber Uses Minimal Floor Space The MicroClimate® 1.2 cubic foot benchtop test chamber simulates a full range of temperature and humi ... Read More
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Cincinnati Sub-Zero
LabX Member since May 2005.
In business since 1940.

The parent of three separate divisions, Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) is a team of service-minded professionals and a leading manufacturer and provider of products for medical and industrial needs.
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Ad Description

Compact Chamber Uses Minimal Floor Space

The MicroClimate® 1.2 cubic foot benchtop test chamber simulates a full range of temperature and humidity conditions. This environmental testing chamber is designed to provide users with a compact unit for testing small components and products.

Contemporary design combined with a small footprint, simple installation and economical price make this unit the ideal choice for any laboratory. The MicroClimate® difference is in the design. Fully welded ports and shelf pilasters eliminate leak potentials increasing the life of your chamber. Refrigeration design protects compressors and prolongs life keeping cool during all operating conditions. Refrigeration design uses less power saving operating costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Programmable Controller, RS-232 Computer Interface, 2" Access Port & more
  • 115V and 230V models available in 50/60 hz.
  • Electronic humidity sensor provides accuracy and reliability
  • Includes a one year part and labor warranty for the best benchtop warranty in the industry
  • Easy installation
  • Precise temperature & humidity control in small chamber
  • Stackable for reduced footprint or manual thermal shock applications

Cincinnati Sub-Zero is a LabX Sponsor.
Please visit their website at: http://www.cszindustrial.com

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