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 1. For Sale Kodak Approval Digital Color Imager Donor Rolls Cy
Not Specifie 211.78
 2. For Sale Waters Reagent Manager RMA Digital HPLC Lab Pump
Not Specifie 719.05
 3. For Sale Sorvall Heraeus 28-Place 4-Tier Rotor Bucket Inser
Not Specifie 73.88
 4. For Sale Waters WAT057520 Deuterium Bulb HPLC Detector Repl
Not Specifie 68.95
 5. For Sale ErgoOne 10 0.5-10 ul Single Channel Pipette
ErgoOne 54.18
 6. For Sale Bio-Rad PX1 PCR Heat Thermal Sealing Films and F
Not Specifie 1379.00
 7. For Sale Aurora Rb Hollow Cathode Lamp *New In Box* for Au
Not Specifie 226.55
 8. For Sale Cardioblate 68000 Surgical Ablation System Generat
Not Specifie 472.80
 9. For Sale Bruker Nano ESI Quelle ON Ion Source for Mass Spec
Bruker 935.75
 10. For Sale Mettler Toledo MultiMax React-IR 4000 Data Collect
Mettler Tole 3250.50
 11. For Sale Fresenius 2008k Dialysis Machine System Hemodialys
Not Specifie 1773.00
 12. For Sale Seimens Rapidlab 1260 Blood Gas Analyzer - 1200 Se
Not Specifie 886.50
 13. For Sale Agilent 1100 Series Autosampler Thermostat G1330A
Not Specifie 1723.75
 14. For Sale Conmed Aspen Excalibur Plus PC Electrosurgical Uni
Not Specifie 960.38
 15. For Sale Milestone RHS 1 Microwave Tissue Processor Patholo
Not Specifie 5811.50
 16. For Sale Beckman Multimek 96 Automated 96 Channel Pipettor
Not Specifie 147.75
 17. For Sale Andersen Anprolene AN2000 Tabletop Gas Sterilizer
Not Specifie 5417.50
 18. For Sale MDS Sciex Cellkey Cell Key Cellular Analysis Syste
Not Specifie 935.75
 19. For Sale *Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Advance Haemostasi
Not Specifie 221.63
 20. For Sale Gilson Valvemate Valve Actuator with 10-Port Rheod
Not Specifie 157.60