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  Type Headline Manufacturer Price Pic 
 1. For Sale Weldotron 7121 Packaging heat tunnel
Weldotron Please Call
 2. For Sale Shanklin shrink wrapper Model A-2
Shanklin Please Call This listing has a photo of Shanklin shrink wrapper Model A-2
 3. For Sale PDC 50-M Neck Bander
PDC Contact Surplus Solutions
 4. For Sale #385956 Ideal Automatic Shrink Bundler
Ideal Packag 13500
Pester Pac A 33785.96
 6. For Sale #265342 Dorwell Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel
Unknown 21000
 7. For Sale #265341 Dorwell Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel
Unknown 21000
 8. For Sale #408155 Gramegna Model ECO 2000 Shrink Bundler
Gramegna 8314.79
 9. For Sale #442861 NAFM Model LX-200 Sleever
NAFM Shrink 20000
 10. For Sale #312718 BFB/IMA Automatic Shrink Wrapper Bander
IMA 25741.68
 11. For Sale #371121 BFB Automatic Shrink Bundler Model 3707 wi
BFB 14710.77
 12. For Sale #377345 Tadbik SLV-100 Shrink Sleeve Applicator La
Tadbik 32177.1
 13. For Sale #363285 PDC INT R-200 Vertical Shrink Labeler
PDC Internat 52500
 14. For Sale #421740 Beseler T-18-8 Shrink Tunnel
Beseler 3500
 15. For Sale #421188 Novopac CD 090 F2+BM 1409 Automatic Shrink
Novopac 29421.55
 16. For Sale #365604 Multipack F500 Bundler Packer with Shrink
Multipack 38375.93
 17. For Sale #387305 PDC Model R200 Shrink Sleeve Labeler and H
PDC Internat 65000
 18. For Sale #209004 Damark 90 degree shrink bundler model FS2-
Damark 10000
 19. For Sale #330313 SMI Tape Carry Handle Applicator Model MAB
SMI S.p.A 15000
 20. For Sale #414313 Tnel de calentamiento para encogimiento de
Unknown 2200