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Not Specifie 3000.00 This listing has a photo of 5271  WENTWORTH LABS PROBER WITH LEICA SCOPE MODEL
 2. For Sale Micromanipulator Prober Probers 200mm Manual Analy
Micromanipul 6,950.00
 3. For Sale Micromanipulator 7000 Probers Manual Analytical Wa
Micromanipul 12,500.00
 4. For Sale Used Four Dimensions FPP-100 Manual Prober
Four Dimensi
 5. For Sale Wentworth MP-1100 Prober
Wentworth N 5,000.00
 6. For Sale Dymatix 860 Manual Prober
Dymatix 11,500.00
 7. For Sale Micromanipulator 6200 Prober
Micromanipul 14,500.00
 8. For Sale Alessi Custom Prober
Alessi 2,500.00
 9. For Sale MRSI PR-53 Prober
MRSI 5,900.00
 10. For Sale Electroglas HORIZON 4085X Probers 8 inch Automated
Electroglas 19,000.00
 11. For Sale Wentworth PML 8000 Probers Prober. More informatio
Wentworth 0.00
 12. For Sale Cascade Microtech REL-4800 Probers Prober. More in
Cascade Micr 0.00
 13. For Sale Wentworth MP0901 Probers Manual Wafer Prober. Anal
Wentworth 5,500.00
 14. For Sale KLA 1007 Probers Automatic Wafer Prober. 100 wafer
KLA 2,500.00
 15. For Sale Wentworth MP-2000 Probers 200mm Programmable Analy
Wentworth 2,950.00
 16. For Sale Micromanipulator 6600 Probers Semiautomatic Wafer
Micromanipul 12,500.00
 17. For Sale Cascade Microtech REL-4800 Probers High Precision
Cascade Micr 25,000.00
 18. For Sale Micromanipulator 6640 Probers 200mm Wafer Prober B
Micromanipul 2,950.00
 19. For Sale Rucker & Kolls 8X8 Prober Probers 200mm Manual Waf
Rucker & Kol 7,500.00
 20. For Sale Tokyo Seimitsu A-PM-88A Probers Wafer Prober. Auto
Tokyo Seimit 2,500.00