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Make: Sigma-Aldrich Titan  Price: Please Call
Titan™ UHPLC Columns Titan delivers leading UHPLC column performance, at half the cost   Titan UHPLC columns, based on 1.9 µm totally porous monodisperse sili ...
Ad 498847
Sigma-Aldrich Titan
Announcement Listings
Certified Remanufactured Instruments At Micromeritics we understand that everyone would rather purchase the latest models new off the manufacturing line; however, sometimes budget con ...
Ad 506061
Certified Remanufactured Instruments from Micromer
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Make: Magritek Terranova-MRI  Price: Please Email
Hands-on learning of MRI & NMR principles Terranova-MRI is the world’s only teaching instrument that can do 2D and 3D magnetic resonance imaging.   Students sta ...
Ad 510873
Magritek Terranova-MRI
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Make: SCAT Europe SafetyCap  Price: Please Call
HPLC: Hitting the Peak of Safety During HPLC operation, there are numerous sources of error that have an impact on analysis results and may also rise health and environment hazards. I ...
Ad 493179
SCAT Europe SafetyCap
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Make: AimSizer HMK-CD5  Price: Please Call
HMK-CD5 is usesd in particle size test, it is a new generation of particle size analyzer manufactured by Aimsizer Scientific. It is produced according to ISO 13320 and ISO ...
Ad 515108
AimSizer HMK-CD5
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New Products
Make: Aurora Biomed Trace 1800 AA  Price: Please Call
TRACE 1800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer The TRACE 1800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer expands on Aurora’s success with previous models through several new features which impro ...
Ad 509956
Aurora Biomed Trace 1800 AA
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For Sale
Make: HP/Agilent HP/Agilent 1100 HPLC  Price: Contact Genetool
HP/ Agilent 1100 HPLC system available. The HP/Agilent 1100 is one of the most durable and robust liquid chromatography systems on the market. It is capable of stable solvent flow with du ...
Ad 515064
HP/Agilent HP/Agilent 1100 HPLC
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For Sale
Make: PerkinElmer Optima4300DV  Price: $39,900.00
Complete Perkin Elmer Optima4300DV system ready to run samples. Autosampler, Winlab icp controller, polyscience chiller,  and lab bench! System is currently under full protec ...
Ad 514982
PerkinElmer Optima4300DV
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For Sale
Make: PerkinElmer Optima2100DV  Price: $34,900.00
Complete PerkinElmer Optima2100DV system. Autosampler, Winlab controller, Polyscience chiller , and roller bench included. System is currently under a full service protection agre ...
Ad 514975
PerkinElmer Optima2100DV
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For Sale
Make: PerkinElmer 8300DV  Price: $64,900.00
Complete Perkin Elmer Optima8300DV system. Autosampler, Winlab software, Polyscience Chiller, and even the Bench to put them on! System is currently on full service agreement to g ...
Ad 514973
PerkinElmer 8300DV

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