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Make: Agilent Technologies 1200 LC  Price: $27,000.00
Agilent 1200 LC System 3 to choose from 2 systems available with the following components: 1200 Instant Pilot (handheld) Degasser Bottle tray Bin pump ...
Ad 513591
Agilent Technologies 1200 LC
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For Sale
Make: Agilent Technologies 1290 LC  Price: $35,000.00
Agilent LC 1290 series 2 available Components included: 1200 Instant Pilot (handheld) Bottle tray Bin pump Sampler Thermostat TCC
Ad 513590
Agilent Technologies 1290 LC
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For Sale
Make: Oxford Instruments MAXXI 5  Price: Please Call
New to the Oxford Instruments coating thickness product line is the MAXXI 5, ideal for users who demand the highest measuring precision and versatility from X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) techn ...
Ad 516524
Oxford Instruments MAXXI 5
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INCREDIBLE FTIR IR SALE GOING ON NOW   We sell FTIR systems and FTIR parts and FTIR Acccessories. We sell MICROSCOPES WITH FTIR and can RETROFIT YOUR FTIR with a MICROS ...
Ad 516497
FREE GIFTCARD FTIR sale Nicolet, Perkin Elmer, Mat
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For Sale
Make: AimSizer HMK-CD5  Price: Please Call
HMK-CD5 particle size analyzer is usesd in particle size test, it is a new generation of particle size analyzer manufactured by Aimsizer Scientific. It is produced acc ...
Ad 516338
AimSizer HMK-CD5
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For Sale
Make: Varian/Agilent Varian 450 GC and 220 MSD  Price: $49,800.00
Refurbished 2009 Model Varian 450GC and Varian 220MSD comes with Varian CP 8400Autosampler, Rough Pump, suitable software and PC, ready to go! Additional PTV, FID  included a ...
Ad 516284
Varian/Agilent Varian 450 GC and 220 MSD
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For Sale
Make: Fei Company Sirion (XL 30 FEG )  Price: Please Call
Model:                        FEI Sirion FEG SEM Age:  &nb ...
Ad 516113
Fei Company Sirion (XL 30 FEG )
Announcement Listings
Top Quality Pre-owned Thermal Analyzers Refurbished by Thermal Support Inc. We have 33 years of experience with PerkinElmer products and through our Repair Depot we regularly have hig ...
Ad 513305
Service and Pre-owned Thermal Analyzers for Sale
Announcement Listings
ATG - Analytical Technologies Group -- The Laboratory Instrumentation Service Experts Servicing Your Needs Throughout America Main Areas of Focus AKTA™ FPLC Service ...
Ad 465517
Analytical Instrument Service, HPLC, GC, FPLC and
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Make: AQUACOUNTER® AQV-2200S  Price: Inquire
AQUACOUNTER® Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator JM Science announces the  AQUACOUNTER® Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator (AQV-2200S). This high-end titrator is the perfect c ...
Ad 439002

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