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Arc-Micro Optics is an authorized dealer for Meiji microscopes and accessories, Wesco microscopes, LWI Scientific Products, and Accuscope accessories. In addition we sell Video Cameras an ...
Ad 465587
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The Right SEM at the Right Price! Our business is to provide you the right Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) at the right price. We carry every major brand of used SEM, all ...
Ad 416259
Used Scanning Electron Microscopes from SEMTech
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Since 1983, Physicians Resource Network  has become a national leader in the sale of new, used, and reconditioned medical and laboratory equipment. PRN strives to quote the lowest pr ...
Ad 506693
New & Used Lab Equipment, Priced to Move from Phys
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Make: Phenom-World  Price: Please Call
Phenom proX desktop Scanning Electron Microscope with integrated Elemental Mapping and Line Scan, increasing functionality and saving time. Phenom-World’s proX desktop SEM will ...
Ad 491558
Phenom-World -
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New Products
Make: Phenom-World proX  Price: Please Call
Phenom-World is introducing Elemental Mapping for the Phenom™ proX desktop scanning electron microscope Elemental Mapping is the first expansion of the Phenom proX EDS-technolog ...
Ad 483164
Phenom-World proX
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Make: Delong America LVEM5  Price: Inquire
LVEM5 Nanoscale Solutions for Your Benchtop The LVEM5 is the next generation of electron microscope, built on a revolutionary technology platform that combines advanced imaging with u ...
Ad 440393
Delong America LVEM5
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New Products
Make: PhenomWorld Phenom™ G2 Pure  Price: Contact Us
New Phenom™ G2 Pure Electron Microscope.  The Phenom G2 pure is an ideal tool for making the transition from working with a light microscope to operating an electron micros ...
Ad 432151
PhenomWorld Phenom™ G2 Pure
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New Products
Make: PhenomWorld 3D Roughness  Price: Contact Us
New PhenomWorld 3D Roughness Reconstruction. To provide you with more information on the markets and applications, an overview of Application Notes on 3D Roughness Reconstruction can ...
Ad 432159
PhenomWorld 3D Roughness
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New Products
Make: Phenom-World  Price: Please Call
Phenom-World launches the all-in-one imaging and analysis system: Phenom proX Until now it was possible to view samples fast and easy. Now you can also see what the sample is made of! ...
Ad 463936
New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: PhenomWorld Phenom™ G2 Pro  Price: Contact Us
New Phenom™ G2 Pro Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope. Phenom-World is focused on giving you the opportunity to process ever-smaller samples and increase your productivity, wh ...
Ad 432152
PhenomWorld Phenom™ G2 Pro

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