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Make: UVP GelDoc-It®  Price: Please Call
Introducing the GelDoc-It® Imaging System for easy, efficient and economical gel documentation! VisionWorks®LS software is easy to operate with straightforward image capture and quantitative analysis* capabilities. High quality i ...
Ad 513373
UVP GelDoc-It®

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For Sale
Make: Carl Zeiss Axiovert  Price: Best Offer
Inverted Microscope Carl Zeiss Axiovert S-100 Inverted Microscope Nikon Diaphot We took over a diagnostics research lab from Novartis, and re-focused the group on sequencing and genetics, ...
Ad 528896

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For Sale
Make: Labconco Centrivap 7970000  Price: $2,450
Labconco Centrivap Concentrator w Rotor  & Vacuum Pump This is a Good Used Labconco Centrivap with 7462900 Rotor Specified for 1.5-2ml Tubes. Rotor has 132 holes for 1.5-2.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes Specified for Two Differ ...
Ad 528891
Labconco Centrivap 7970000

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Thermo Precision Shallow Form Shaking  Price: $950
Precision Shallow Form Reciprocal Shaking Heated Waterbath This is a Nice PreOwned Precision Shallow Form Shaking Water Bath in Excellent Working Condition. Physically the bath has Medium General Wear. Unit has Been Thoroughly Cleaned a ...
Ad 528889
Thermo Precision Shallow Form Shaking

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Ismatec Reglo-ISM 832 Digital  Price: $750
Ismatec REGLO ISM 832 Dispensing Pump This is a Nice Used 2 Channel Ismatec Reglo ISM 832 Digital Dispensing Pump Specified for Flow Rates 0.002 – 57ml/min. Actual Unit Pictured. Comes with User's Manual, Tubing, Pump Head, and ...
Ad 528888
Ismatec Reglo-ISM 832 Digital

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Thermo Lab-Line 4645  Price: $1,495
Lab-Line Orbital Shaking Water Bath 4645 This is a Nice Used Lab-Line 4645 Heated Shaking Water Bath. Unit is in Excellent Working and Good Physical Condition. Actual Unit Pictured. Comes with Platform for Screwing in Accessories/Clamps, ...
Ad 528887
Thermo Lab-Line 4645

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Zymark Biotage TurboVap 500  Price: $2,950
Zymark Biotage TurboVap 500 Evaporator Concentrator This is a Nice Complete and Excellent Working Turbovap 500. Unit Has Been Tested and All Controls Work as Designed to Include Temp, Sensors, Motors-Fans, and Key Pad. The Only Thing Mis ...
Ad 528886
Zymark Biotage TurboVap 500

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Bausch & Lomb 10450  Price: $1,450
Abbe 3L Refractometer Bausch & Lomb Current VWR List Price, $4,673.91 This is a PreOwned Abbe 3L Cat#: 33.46.10 Refractometer in Excellent Working Condition (AKA Bausch & Lomb, Fisher, Spectronics) . The Prism is in ...
Ad 528885
Bausch & Lomb 10450

Announcement Listings
TESLA is now the California distributor of the Micsig Tablet Oscilloscope tBook Series All optional isolated inputs allow for independent floating measurements 275mm x 210mm x 60mm (LxHxD) 3D Waveform Display HD trigger Up t ...
Ad 528058
TESLA - Distributor of the Micsig Table Oscil

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Fisher AMG AMI-3255 Inverted  Price: 1150
Inverted Phase Binocular Microscope Fisher AMG model AMI-3255 Inverted, infinity corrected phase contrast binocular microscope. Features: Infinity corrected optics Binocular head (integrated digital or trinocular options availab ...
Ad 528025
Fisher AMG AMI-3255 Inverted

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: AMG AMCD 3355  Price: 999
AMG AMCD-3355 Phase Contrast Microscope Standard with binocular head and 4 position nosepiece.  Available options include integrated digital (winXP) or trinocular head; polarized light, non-phase objectives (lower cos ...
Ad 528024

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Olympus Stereozoom SZ-40 or SZ-40 ESD  Price: 525
Olympus Stereozoom Model SZ40 Microscope 0.7-4.0 magnification ratio, very nice condition; fitted with quality WF10X eyepieces for magn. range of 7-40X. Satisfaction guaranteed.  Mounted on desktop stand. Boomstand or d ...
Ad 528023
Olympus Stereozoom SZ-40 or SZ-40 ESD

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Nikon SMZ-1 or SMZ-1 ESD  Price: 259
Nikon SMZ-1 Stereozoom Microscope, ESD or standard, your choice In excellent condition, mounted on Nikon desktop stand. Stand base has been repainted. Options available: boom stand or dual illumination desktop stand; flourescent or le ...
Ad 528022
Nikon SMZ-1 or SMZ-1 ESD

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Nikon SMZ-645  Price: 819
Nikon SMZ-645 Stereozoom Microscope in excellent condition With new (non-Nikon) high quality adjustable diopter 10X WF eyepieces; mounted on standard Nikon desktop stand. Final magnification range 7-50X. Optics and alignment in exce ...
Ad 528021
Nikon SMZ-645

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Fisher Binocular Zoom 7-45X  Price: 299
Nearly new Fisher Stereozoom Microscope, 7-45X with 10X WF eyepieces, on dual illuminated desktop stand (heavy duty boomstand available additional cost).  Heads generally have not been used, or used little but may have minor scrat ...
Ad 528020
Fisher Binocular Zoom 7-45X

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Fisher Micromaster 12-561B  Price: 390
Basically new condition Fisher Scientific Micromaster I Brightfield Binocular Compound Microscope This unit is out of the box, and may have a few nicks in the paint, but has not been used more than a few times, if any. Superior plan obje ...
Ad 528019
Fisher Micromaster 12-561B

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: AMG AMEX-1200  Price: 4000
Fully intergrated; all-in-one digital inverted microscope. This system combines the camera, computer, and microscope, and eliminates the eyepieces altogether.Quickly and easily view and capture that image directly onto a USB stick with with ...
Ad 528018

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Shimadzu SCL-10Avp  Price: $1,250
Shimadzu SCL-10Avp HPLC Controller This is a Used Shimadzu SCL-10Avp HPLC Controller in Overall Excellent Condition. Actual Item Pictured. Unit Will Guaranteed for 30 Days Allowing Enough Time for Your Lab To Fully Test and Inspect.. Ple ...
Ad 528017
Shimadzu SCL-10Avp

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: New Brunswick C1  Price: $750
New Brunswick Platform Shaker C1 This is a Nice Used New Brunswick C1 Classic Platform Shaker in Excellent Working and Physical Condiiton. Model C1 by New Brunswick. Comes as Pictured with 11x13" Platform with Six 100ml Flask Clamps ...
Ad 528016
New Brunswick C1

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Barnstead Lab-Line 3527  Price: $1750
Lab-Line 3527 Incubator Shaker Table Top This is a Nice PreOwned Lab-Line 3527 Incubator Shaker in Excellent Working and Good Physical Condition. The Displayed Temparature is Accurate Against a Digital Thermometer and The Unit Reaches 4 ...
Ad 528015
Barnstead Lab-Line 3527

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