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For Sale
Make: Applied Biosystems ABI 433A  Price: Call for price.
We have to part with our beautiful ABI 433A peptide synthesizer. Purchased new in and only used for 6 months until the lab shut down its peptide business. Instrument is in immaculate condition. Includes: MAC G3 Software v2.0 ...
Ad 510120

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For Sale
Make: AGILENT 1200  Price: Call for price.
Blue Lion Biotech can configure most any Agilent HPLC System to meet your application needs. Give us a call. AGILENT HP 1200 Series HPLC System Complete System Includes: • Fully Refurbished to meet or exceed factory spec ...
Ad 510119

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Jouan B4i  Price: 1,750.00
The Jouan B4i/multifunction centrifuge is a workhorse in many laboratories. It makes it easy to quickly prepare samples for a variety of applications and operating is simple and intuitive. This unit was obtained from a working lab an ...
Ad 510107
Jouan B4i

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Make: Illumina GAIIX  Price: Closed
ILLUMINA GENOME ANALYZER GAIIX SYSTEM  (GAIIX Upgrade)- Off lease!   Based on revolutionary massively parallel sequencing technology, Illumina provides a high-speed, whole-genome analysis system that offers an unmatched ...
Ad 510051
Illumina GAIIX

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For Sale
Make: Mettler Toledo PM 4600 DeltaRange  Price: 1,350.00
This Mettler balance was removed from a working laboratory and is in excellent working condition. The unit is featured with a 50g weight (not included) to demonstrate weighing accuracy. The balance is being offered at a major discoun ...
Ad 510029
Mettler Toledo PM 4600 DeltaRange

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Fisher Micromaster I  Price: $1,795.00
Like new Micromaster I Phase Contrast microscope in original shipping box with Operator's manual. Retail price if purchased new is $3,000. Components: Eyepieces: 10X wide-field, DIN standard: equipped with two eyepieces ...
Ad 510028
Fisher Micromaster I

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For Sale
Make: Robbins Scientific 404 Rotating Oven  Price: $1,695.00
Robbins Sci 404 Flexchem Oven The Robbins Scientific 404 Flexchem rotating oven is a large, benchtop unit for agitating and heating flasks, tubes, deep well plates in addition to Flexchem (I and II) products. The unit is comprised of ...
Ad 510027
Robbins Scientific 404 Rotating Oven

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: EC Apparatus 650 & 3000P  Price: 1,195.00
Models 650 and 3000P by E-C Apparatus Corp. are available: Model 650 operates in three separates modes of constant voltage, current or power for four separate jacks, with automatic crossover between modes (specifications to follow). The ...
Ad 510026
EC Apparatus 650 & 3000P

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For Sale
Make: VWR 5420  Price: $1,850.00
The VWR 5420 Hybridization Oven is a high-capacity instrument capable of holding up to ten 35 x 300 mm bottles. This unit provides rapid heat-up, reliable temperature stability and efficient mixing. It is in excellent condition and comes ...
Ad 510025
VWR 5420

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For Sale
Make: Sorvall JB-4  Price: 1,250.00
The manually operated Sorvall JB-4 Microtome provides thin sections with greater clarity, contrast and resolution than conventional microtomes for light microscopy. The instrument is designed for sectioning samples embedded in plastic bl ...
Ad 510024
Sorvall JB-4

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For Sale
Make: Custom Manufactured Leaded glass window  Price: 1,400.00
This leaded glass window (80% lead)  is designed  for radioisotope shielding. This unit was custom manufactured but never placed in service. The dimensions of the window is 12" x 12" x 4" thick. Note that is has ...
Ad 510023
Custom Manufactured Leaded glass window

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For Sale
Make: Kinematica Polytron PT MR 2100  Price: 1.850.00
This previously-owned Kinematica Polytron PT-MR 2100 homogenizer is an excellent dispersing tool. The unit shown comes with a stabilization stand for quick height adjustment, dispersion tool and sample stabilizer. The package is bein ...
Ad 510022
Kinematica Polytron PT MR 2100

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For Sale
Make: Molecular Dynamics Performance Test Tray  Price: 1,250.00
The Molecular Dynamics Performance Test Tray is a new tool to enable you to test 5 performance specifications on your Personal Densitometer SI to ensure data integrity. The PDSI-PTT consists of a tray containing optical components that t ...
Ad 510021
Molecular Dynamics Performance Test Tray

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Agilent Technologies 6890/5973N  Price: 26,500
  For sale is an Agilent 5890/5973N gc/ms system. This is a newer networked system. This GCMS passes tune.   We need to make room quickly for our new instrument. See attached pictures. I can send other pictures, inc ...
Ad 510007
Agilent Technologies 6890/5973N

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For Sale
Make: VacuuBrand ME 4  Price: 1,150.00
The Vacuubrand ME4 one-stage diaphragm pump is an excellent choice for continuous, oil-free evacuation and pumping of gases at low vacuum requirements. In contrast to water jet pumps they do not consume water and therefore do not produce ...
Ad 509965
VacuuBrand ME 4

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For Sale
Make: Fisher Scientific Model 3013S  Price: 2,495.00
The Fisher Isotemp 3013 bath circulator was designed to answer the demanding temperature control requirements of today’s wide variety of temperature-based applications. Built with strong pumps, robust cooling, powerful heaters, and ...
Ad 509964
Fisher Scientific Model 3013S

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For Sale
Make: Haake CH - F3  Price: 1,295.00
The Haake CH - F3 recirculating heater - chiller has a self contained refrigeration bath for precise temperature control of external objects in a very wide temperature range. It is the answer to your heating and cooling needs in the labo ...
Ad 509963
Haake CH - F3

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For Sale
Make: Applied Biosystems ABI 432  Price: Call for price.
ABI 432 SYNERGY PEPTIDE SYNTHESIZER- Special Offer! Blue Lion Biotech is specialized in analytical biotech equipment and services. ABI 432 SYNERGY PEPTIDE SYNTHESIZER- Excellent Condition! The Applied Biosystems ABI 432 Pepti ...
Ad 509940
Applied Biosystems ABI 432

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For Sale
Make: ThermoFisher Scientific Wellwash 4 Mk2  Price: 3,495.00
The ThermoFisher Wellwash 4 Mk2 Plate washer combines top-notch and uncompromising quality at an affordable price. With excellent washing efficiency and low residual volumes of less than 5µL per well, this microplate washer fea ...
Ad 509822
ThermoFisher Scientific Wellwash 4 Mk2

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For Sale
Make: Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100  Price: $8,950.00
The Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100 Evaporative Light Scatter Detector surpasses other ELSDs for low temperature HPLC applications with semi-volatile compounds. Polymer Laboratories has over 15 years experience in ELSD. ELSD detectors c ...
Ad 509821
Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100

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