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For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Waters Waters Prep3000  Price: $8,500
This deal includes Waters Prep 3000 HPLC(flow rate can reach 180 mLs/Min), Waters 486/490E UV Detector, Millenium Software, manuals injectors. Manuals all necessary cables and interface cards, software, PC(w/o monitor) included. 180 ...
Ad 514036
Waters Waters Prep3000

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Waters Waters Prep 2000  Price: 15,000
This Waters Prep 2000 (Mobile flow rate up to 200mL /Min)HPLC ALSO includes a Waters 2487 Dual Wavelength UV/or Waters 996 PDA. Please Note- the flow cell WILL BE installed before the system is shipped. The following are ALSO include ...
Ad 514035
Waters Waters Prep 2000

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Waters Waters Prep 2525  Price: 28500
This Waters Prep 2525 Binary Gradient Modules (Mobile flow rate up to 150 mL/Min HPLC ALSO includes a Waters 2996 PDA with prep flow cell.Waters 2767 Sample manager with tray, Waters Column Fluidics Orgnizer, Data System and all necessar ...
Ad 514034
Waters Waters Prep 2525

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Agilent G1365B  Price: 3,980
This unit is in good shape, it has been tested by our experienced staff of service engineers, and is ready for immediate use! The detector is equipped with a 180-day WARRANTY!!! Additional information regarding this product can be access ...
Ad 514033
Agilent G1365B

Wanted Listings
Price: 0.00
Scientific Equipment Source is looking for a service technician for GC/HPLC systems to work in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. Either as a full-time position or as contract position on a job to job basis. Please cont ...
Ad 514007

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Thermo Surveryor Thermo Surveyor  Price: $15,000
Fully reconditioned HPLC: Thermo Surveyor MS Pump Thermo Surveyor Autosampler Thermo Surveyor PDA detector - 180-day WARRANTY Ask us about any of our products; we're here to help!
Ad 513909
Thermo Surveryor Thermo Surveyor

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum LC/MS/MS  Price: CALL
This refurbished Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum(Discovery) LC/MS/MS comes with both ESI & APCI Source, Edwards 30 Vacuum Pump, Suitable Software manual, all necessary cables and accessories. It is in a great shape. It has been tested at ...
Ad 513908
Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum LC/MS/MS

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Micromass Micromass Quattro Micro API  Price: call
A fully refurbished Micromass Quattro Micro API Mass Spectrometer fully tested at Spectralab, and it can come with Waters 2795 HPLC, suitable software, with necessary accessories and ready to use, demo, warranty, support and install ...
Ad 513907
Micromass Micromass Quattro Micro API

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Sedex SedEx 75  Price: 4,450 USD
The detetor has been tested at Spectralab, guaranteed in a working condition. It comes with a 90 day warranty. Features: Temperature Range: Ambient to 100 C, Gas Flow: Less than 3.5 L/min, Eluent Flowrate: from 5 µL/min to 5 mL/min ...
Ad 513904
Sedex SedEx 75

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Varian, Vankel VK 7000 / VK 750D  Price: 8,750
This refurbished VK 7000 Dissolution System comes COMPLETE along with the VK 750D heater/circulator. This reliable and robust refurbished system is in GREAT shape and comes with a 90-day WARRANTY!!! We have smaller vessels, 100 mL or ...
Ad 513903
Varian, Vankel VK 7000 / VK 750D

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Agilent 6890  Price: 17,500
DETAILS: HP 6890 GC with Split/splitless  Inlet/NPD   OR Dual NPDs, and HP/Agilent 6890 Autosampler equipped with the following: - Suitable software and PC, - All necessary cables/accessories that are required for full ope ...
Ad 513902
Agilent 6890

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: HP HP 8452 DAD  Price: $3,500
This Hewlett Packard HP 8452A Diode Array UV/VIS Spectrophotometer comes equipped with the following: - Single cell holder,(muitiple cell holder and peltier holder and controller  available if requested) - PC(w/o monitor) an ...
Ad 513901
HP HP 8452 DAD

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: PerkinElmer Perkin Elmer SIMAA 6000 AA Spectrometer  Price: 18,500
Working   Perkin Elmer SIMAA 6000 AA Spectrometer with Perkin Elmer AS-72 autosampler and Perkin Elmer Furnace cooling system, 10 un-used bulbs included
Ad 513900
PerkinElmer Perkin Elmer SIMAA 6000 AA Spectrometer

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Polymer Laboratories ELSD  Price: 3950
Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 1000 Evaporative Light Scattering Detector. Concentration detection method for liquid chromatography. 120V, 50/60 Hz, 6A, CE. (ELSD) LT is in great shape, it has been tested at our facility, and it comes with ...
Ad 513899
Polymer Laboratories ELSD

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Perkin Elmer/Sciex Qstar Mass, Elite TOF  Price: call and negotiate
New Arrival Qstar Elite has been tested and refurbished at Spectralab Scientific Inc--Please call for details if you are interested.--it is ready to go!! MALDI Source,  Standard ESI  Source, Nano Spray source avaiable immed ...
Ad 513898
Perkin Elmer/Sciex Qstar Mass, Elite  TOF

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Agilent G1946D  Price: call
This Agilent G1946D( S/N US 250130xx) LC/MSDSystem includes: G1946D MSD Detector, Edwards Pump, ESI Source , calibrated and guaranteed in a working order) PC with LCD Monitor, keyboard and mouse Windows XP Pro Operating system LAN Interf ...
Ad 513897
Agilent G1946D

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: CTC/Leap Call  Price: call
CTC Combi Pal features as both liquid and headspace autosampler,(SPDE and SPME capabilities, extra charge if requested) Suitable software included. Application range Environmental Food/Beverages/Consumer Products Forensics Chemicals/Poly ...
Ad 513896
CTC/Leap Call

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: HTA HT280T  Price: Please Call
HT280T is the most complete GC autosampler on the market, able to carry out static headspace analysis, liquid sample injection, and SPME.  Conversion from one mode to another is easy and fast.  It can be controlled by the integ ...
Ad 513702

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: HTA 3000A  Price: Please Call
HT3000A is the most compact, fastest liquid autosampler on the market, designed for gas-chromatographic techniques.  HTA is the first to offer a GC liquid autosampler with a large, full-colour touch screen interface, providing easie ...
Ad 513701
HTA 3000A

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: MILESTONE INC Ethos EX  Price: Please Call
Milestone’s Ethos EX is the gold standard in the field of sample extraction.  It offers superior process control and reproducibility, superior flexibility for different applications, superior safety and durability, and a super ...
Ad 513689

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