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For Sale
Make: Amsco 3053 vacuum steam sterilizer  Price: 28872.
Just completed: One Amsco model 3053 vacuum steam sterilizer, single door, chamber inside dimensions of 24" x 36" x 60 ". This unit has been completely stripped, hydro pressure tested, and totally rebuilt. The chamber ...
Ad 515840
Amsco 3053 vacuum steam sterilizer

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For Sale
Make: Webb 6' x 1/2"  Price: 24,500.00
Webb 6' x 1/2" Initial Pinch Plate Roll S/N: 5385, Stock No: 17733 Model 6-L Capacity: 1/2" Length: 6' Drop End Floor Standing Overall Dimensions, Approximate: 15-1/2' x 4 ...
Ad 514451
Webb 6' x 1/2

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Cincinnati Mechanical Series #9  Price: Please Call
Cincinnati Mechanical Press Brake Model Series #9 S/N 46526 New 1991 12 ft x 225 ton capacity Flush to floor Auto cycle Stroke 3” Spm 7/33 12” die space 5” power ...
Ad 514450
Cincinnati Mechanical Series #9

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: FMT DC2000  Price: 17,750.00
FMT Washer/Rinse System For Pasivation Model DC2000 Built in 2000 Citric acid immersion Chamber 20” deep x 14” wide x 10” tall 3 hp wash system electricly heated 2 hp acid pump syst ...
Ad 513769
FMT DC2000

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