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LabX Time: November 18, 04:57:24 AM Eastern Time (New York).
Live Featured LabAuctions
Ad Headline Bid # Closes
4050877 Shimadzu GCMS QP2010 Plus $65000 0 5d 11h 02m
4051088 HPLC Nexera-I LC-2040C 3D $33000 0 5d 11h 04m
4066486 Smart2Pure 6 UV water purification system Buy Now $4000 0 18d 09h 02m

Live LabAuctions
Tue Nov 21 1:00 PM - Sun Nov 26 1:00 PM
Ad Headline Bid # Closes
5,000g x 0.01g PAINT Lab Balance + Parts Counting & % mixing
$195 0 3d 08h 02m
5,000g x 0.01g PAINT Lab Balance + Parts Counting & % mixing
$195 0 3d 10h 02m
Lab Digital PH Meter
$95 0 4d 11h 02m
Automatic Moisture Analyzer % + solids content %
$295 0 5d 09h 02m
3,000g x 0.01g Accurate Lab Balance + Parts Counting Scale
$185 0 7d 07h 02m
!! 320g x .001 (1mg) Lab Balance +
$195 0 7d 09h 02m
!! Rotational Viscometer V1
$250 0 8d 08h 02m
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