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Hooray! It’s the Labconco Freeze Dryer’s 40th birthday! The freeze dryer may be the one who’s turning "Sublime at 40,” but we want you to get the gifts. ...
Ad 514261
Sublime at 40: Oldest Freeze Dryer Contest!

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Sartorius Entris balance supports you in your daily work with integrated basic applications; animal weighing, density determination, counting, conversion or percentage. The Sartorius ...
Ad 509952
FREE Pipette with the purchase of an Entris Balanc
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          CAPP Bravo variable volume pipettes combine three decades of CAPP’s research, design and focus to bring the most depend ...
Ad 509941
Buy 3 CAPP Bravo Pipettes Get 1 FREE

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New Products
Make: New Era Pump Systems HEATER-KIT-1LG  Price: 399.00
Syringe Heater Kit – Thermo-Kinetic Heat Clamping Each syringe heater control unit uses only the primary heating pad to sense temperature. All secondary heater pads connected t ...
Ad 505891
New Era Pump Systems HEATER-KIT-1LG

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Purair® Advanced The Purair® Advanced Series ductless fume hoods are a series of high efficiency products designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapor ...
Ad 510592
Tradeshow Demo Unit - Purair® 10XL

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: New Era Pump System, Inc. ADPT-ANABOX-11  Price: $99.00
SO CAPABLE... YET SO INCREDIBLY SIMPLE TO USE! Description Vary the pumping rate in proportion to a variable voltage input Start or stop the pump at set voltages ...
Ad 440607
New Era Pump System, Inc. ADPT-ANABOX-11

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