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Pipette Starter Kit Originally $1,443.00 Reduced to $995.00 Starter Kit includes: 1 Acura 826 XS (0.5-10uL) - W810302-XS 1 Acura 826 XS (10-100uL) - W810310-XS 1 Acura 826 ...
Ad 517759
SAVE on a Pipette Starter Kit from WHEATON! Only $

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For Sale
Make: Nalgene Washer/Rinser 24" 600 mm  Price: 99.99
“Shows signs of use.”
Ad 518166
Nalgene Washer/Rinser 24
Announcement Listings
Whether you spell it pipet or pipette, you will find everything related to laboratory liquid handling from A to Z at! From the traditional industry standard Gilson Pipetman to ...
Ad 499367
Your One-Stop Shop for Pipettes, Tips, Parts & Acc

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Make: Gilson P2 Pipette  Price: Best Offer
Looking for Gilson P2 Pipettes. Please email if you have them available for sale. Thanks, Steve
Ad 517888

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New Products
Make: VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Electronic Single Channel  Price: Please Call
These pipettes are the ideal ergonomic choice for users who need a comprehensive range of automated liquid handling functions. An easy-to-read display and simple-to-operate keypad allows ...
Ad 511002
VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Electronic Single Channel

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Quick-Set Volume  Price: Please Call
Adjustable volume models allow five of the laboratory’s most frequently-used volumes to be set-up and stored for routine use and later recall. Other volume settings can be selected ...
Ad 511003
VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Quick-Set Volume

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: VistaLab Technologies MLA D-Tipper  Price: Please Call
Available in over 30 fixed volumes, from 5µL to 1000µL, the MLA D-Tipper is ideal for laboratories conducting repetitive pipetting procedures where performance, reliability an ...
Ad 511000
VistaLab Technologies MLA D-Tipper

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: VistaLab Technologies MLA Macro Volume  Price: Please Call
MLA Macro Volume pipettes are highly accurate, efficient and an easy solution to large volume handling tasks such as reconstituting reagents, controls, or dilutions. Available with fixed ...
Ad 511001
VistaLab Technologies MLA Macro Volume

New Product Introductions Listings
New Products
Make: WHEATON Acura® 841  Price: Please Call
WHEATON Acura® 841 Positive Displacement Micropipettes Pipette with ETFE tipped plunger provides for positive displacement of the sample in a precision capillary tube. Optimal accurac ...
Ad 517782
WHEATON Acura® 841

New Product Introductions Listings
New Products
Make: WHEATON Calibra® digital  Price: Please Call
WHEATON Calibra® Digital Pipettes The combination of instant volume adjustment, mechanical precision and ease of use makes the Calibra® digital pipettes a most reliable and robust ...
Ad 517781
WHEATON Calibra® digital
New Product Introductions Listings
New Products
Make: WHEATON Acura® electro  Price: Please Call
Acura® electro Pipettes Latest up-grade of a successful line making electronic pipetting simpler and safer than ever. The microprocessor-controlled instrument includes intuitive so ...
Ad 517780
WHEATON Acura® electro

New Product Introductions Listings
New Products
Make: WHEATON 851183-2  Price: Please Call
WHEATON 8 Ch Calibra D Micropipette, 10 - 100 uL A highly reliable pipette line with instant volume adjustment. The combination of mechanical precision, comfort and ease of use in the sam ...
Ad 517779
WHEATON 851183-2

New Product Introductions Listings
New Products
Make: WHEATON W851369  Price: Please Call
WHEATON Pipette Stand 340 Excellent ergonomics Soft plunger activation Versatile feeding through bottle, tubing or syringe No need for consumables Swift-set in-lab calibration ...
Ad 517778

New Product Introductions Listings
New Products
Make: WHEATON 851601  Price: Please Call
WHEATON Stepper 411 Repeater 4-finger activation Setting knobs bear clear indication of volume and number of aliquots Three positive displacement syringes, color coded Self-locking mec ...
Ad 517777
WHEATON 851601

New Product Introductions Listings
New Products
Make: WHEATON W870012  Price: Please Call
WHEATON electro 926 XS Volumetric Module 0.1-2uL This is an interchangeable volumetric module for the Acura electro pipette line. These modules will fit other volumetric assemblies offere ...
Ad 517776

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Socorex Acura 815  Price: 95.00
Socorex Acura manual 815 Fixed Volume 5mL Macropipette Fixed Volume Pipette Fully Autoclavable Slim ergonomic design and light weight Ultra-soft plunger activation JusTip&trade ...
Ad 512672

Announcement Listings
Socorex Acura® manual pipettes which are manufactured in Switzerland are available exclusively by  Wheaton in the U.S. Socorex manual pipettes meet and exceed users’ needs for ...
Ad 516261
Buy 2 Acura® manual 826 XS pipettes and Receive 1

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          CAPP Bravo variable volume pipettes combine three decades of CAPP’s research, design and focus to bring the most depend ...
Ad 509941
Buy 3 CAPP Bravo Pipettes Get 1 FREE

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AccuPet Transfer Pipettes from     Accupet pipettes are ideal for precise and efficient pipetting within your budget. Optimized for the utmost conve ...
Ad 509933
AccuPet Transfer Pipettes from

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: EPPENDORF Pipet Helper®  Price: Please Call
Safe and convenient filling and dispensing of glass and plastic pipets.   Features Single rocker-switch controls aspiration, dispensing and vacuum to save time ...
Ad 514582
EPPENDORF Pipet Helper®

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