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For Sale
Make: Varian Cp 3800 GC, TSD, ECD, TCD, FIDCTC Combi  Price: start $8,000
This Refurbished Varian CP 3800 GC ) comes with: -Single Injector and any one of the following detectors: TCD, FID, NPD, TSD, ECD or PFPD - PC with cables and accessories required for ...
Ad 516764
Varian Cp 3800  GC, TSD, ECD, TCD, FIDCTC Combi

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Dionex ICS 3000  Price: Call for Quote
Refurbished and tested complete ICS-3000, it comes with DP-1, DC-1 with dual CDs, EG-1 and AS autosampler and Suitable software with license. ...
Ad 516763
Dionex ICS 3000
For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Varian, Vankel VK 7000 / VK 750D  Price: 8,750
This refurbished VK 7000 Dissolution System comes COMPLETE along with the VK 750D heater/circulator. This reliable and robust refurbished system is in GREAT shape and comes with a 90-day ...
Ad 516762
Varian, Vankel VK 7000 / VK 750D

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: DISTEK 2100C, TCS 0200  Price: 8,600
This refurbished DISTEK Dissolution System (2100C Series), comes complete with a set of bath vessels(1,000mL), along with the DISTEK TCS 0200 Thermal Circulator System.   The ...
Ad 516761
DISTEK 2100C, TCS 0200

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Nicolet Nicolet Magna 560  Price: $12,000
This Nicolet Magna 560 IR is in GREAT shape and comes complete with PC, suitable Software, and all necessary cables. The system has been tested by our experienced staff of service eng ...
Ad 516760
Nicolet Nicolet Magna 560

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: Molecular Devices ImageXpress® Micro XLS  Price: Please Call
ImageXpress® Micro XLS Widefield High Content Screening System   Ultra-fast, versatile automated imaging system with unlimited configurations enabling a variety of fixe ...
Ad 500496
Molecular Devices ImageXpress® Micro XLS

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: SCP SCIENCE COD-200  Price: Please Call
OVERVIEW:   Several manual laboratory procedures may be automated using EasyPREP to increase laboratory productivity levels while lowering the risk of human errors. ...
Ad 509369

Auction Listings
Make: J & W Scientific 125-1732  Minimum Bid: $500.00
Great Value GC Capillary Column New original part    Chromatography GC Capillary Column Part Number: 125-1732 New Part in Original Packaging 17 ...
Ad 516758
J & W Scientific 125-1732

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: Metrohm Optrode  Price: Please Call
Instantly Automate Your Manual Food Titrations  Metrohm USA’s new Optrode optical sensor allows for turnkey transition of classical manual titrations to automated titration ...
Ad 513839
Metrohm Optrode

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven  Price: Please Call
 LabStrong is now an authorized distributor of the Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven. The Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven was previously manufactured by Sanyo Gallenkamp and branded as the Gallenkamp Vacu ...
Ad 513832
Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven
New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: AirClean Systems AirMax™  Price: Please Call
AirClean® Systems AirMax™ total exhaust polypropylene fume hoods are manufactured from all-white, structural polypropylene. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance. A ...
Ad 513830
AirClean Systems AirMax™

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: Harvard Apparatus n/a  Price: Please Call
Harvard Apparatus now offers surgical instrument kits for greater customer convenience.  These kits, configured from the Harvard Apparatus high quality surgical tool line, combine th ...
Ad 513829
Harvard Apparatus n/a

Announcement Listings
The Atlantic Lab Equipment Guarantee: Helps Your Lab Save Money Offers Excellent Reconditioned Instrumentation Provides Outstanding Service and Support Atla ...
Ad 511176
Atlantic Lab Equipment - Excellent Equipment for L

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Varian VGA-77  Price: 3,500 or offers
The VGA-77 Vapor Generation Accessory is a continuous flow vapor generation system that provides improved detection limits for Hg and hydride forming elements such as As, Bi, Sb, Se and S ...
Ad 516757
Varian VGA-77

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: TJA 61, 61E, IRIS  Price: Best Offer
Recent retired 3rd Party TJA service tech selling inventory of new OEM parts for TJA ICP’s.  Items include but not limited to: airtrol, boards, capacitors, coil assembly, high ...
Ad 516756
TJA 61, 61E, IRIS

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Varian SPS-3  Price: Best Offer
Varian SPS-3 autosampler. Interfaces with Varian ICP's, AA's and Cary UV/VIS units. Includes sample racks.. SPS-5 models available as well.   Extended rack also available ...
Ad 516755
Varian SPS-3

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Varian 240FS  Price: Best Offer
Varian Spectra AA-240FS System.  This complete basic AA system has just undergone a complete cleaning and PM by a factory tech. Complete system includes:Mark VII burner, Del ...
Ad 516754
Varian 240FS

Wanted Listings
Make: Applied Biosystems 9700, dual-plate 96-well  Price: Best Offer
Hi Folks, We're looking to buy a dual-plate 96-well 9700 thermal cycler Please contact us if you have one that you would like to sell. Thanks!  
Ad 516753

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: GE AKTA FPLC  Price: Please Call
  The GE AKTA FPLC provides an instrument for fast protein liquid chromatography wherein proteins of various sizes can be readily purified using different kinds of columns. ...
Ad 516752

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Siemens (now Bruker) D5000  Price: 39,000.00
    The Siemens D5000 and D5005 series XRD systems offer many advanced features of users who require additional axes, support for automatic generator control and/or compati ...
Ad 516751
Siemens (now Bruker) D5000

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