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Ovation is a whole new class of pipette - not an old design with minor improvements. They're the perfect combination of performance, ergonomics and unique features in one elegant ...
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Try any Ovation FREE for 2 weeks! No Obligation!

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Make: EPPENDORF Repeater® M4  Price: Please Call
Repeater® M4 On the Repeater® M4/Combitip System, volumes are dispensed using the positive displacement principle. The liquid is directly dispensed without an air cushion, ens ...
Ad 507769
EPPENDORF Repeater® M4
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Eppendorf Repeater Pipettes from   Eppendorf pipettes have been on the cutting edge of pipetting technology for the last forty years. Today, Eppendorf pionee ...
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Eppendorf Repeater Pipettes from

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For Sale
Make: Rainin LTS  Price: 100
Gently used Rainin LTS  pipettes from one of our local downsized alliance lab.  Pipettes were bought new in 2011 but rarley use, they are like new!  $100 single channel ...
Ad 514827
Rainin LTS

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New Products
Make: EPPENDORF Pipet Helper®  Price: Please Call
Safe and convenient filling and dispensing of glass and plastic pipets.   Features Single rocker-switch controls aspiration, dispensing and vacuum to save time ...
Ad 514582
EPPENDORF Pipet Helper®

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New Products
Make: EPPENDORF Maxipettor®  Price: Please Call
The Maxipettor® is an incrementally adjustable pipette for precise pipetting of volumes up to 10 mL (in 10 µL increments). Even liquids with a high vapor pressure or viscosity c ...
Ad 514581
EPPENDORF Maxipettor®

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New Products
Make: EPPENDORF Repeater® stream/Xstream  Price: Please Call
Electronic Repeater® stream and Xstream combine easy handling with a broad range of features. When used with Combitips advanced® tips, the dispenser/tip forms an unbeatable system ...
Ad 514579
EPPENDORF Repeater® stream/Xstream

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Make: VistaLab Technologies MLA Precision  Price: Please Call
MLA Precision pipettes are made of engineered aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and ideal for a broad range of laboratory procedures requiring precision and accuracy. Each pipette is fa ...
Ad 511590
VistaLab Technologies MLA Precision

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Make: VistaLab Technologies MLA Micro D-Tipper  Price: Please Call
Micro D-Tipper pipettes use a smooth two-stroke action (with overblow) to achieve repeatable results and dependable performance on microvolume sample sizes. Made of precision engineered a ...
Ad 511588
VistaLab Technologies MLA Micro D-Tipper

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Make: VistaLab Technologies MLA Digital  Price: Please Call
Our digital adjustable pipettes are an ideal choice for laboratories that perform testing requiring multiple or nonstandard volumes. Simple dial-in settings with “click stops” ...
Ad 511589
VistaLab Technologies MLA Digital
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New Products
Make: VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Macro Volume  Price: Please Call
Ovation macro volume pipettes allows convenient aspiration from tubes, flasks and bottles. A relaxed grip design, low weight, and electronic operations make repetitive pipetting effortles ...
Ad 511587
VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Macro Volume

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Make: VistaLab Technologies Ovation – 8 and 12 channel  Price: Please Call
These multichannel pipettes are ideally suited to the complex demands of research and higher throughput testing environments. An intuitive user interface allows easy set-up and use of liq ...
Ad 511585
VistaLab Technologies Ovation – 8 and 12 channel

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Whether you spell it pipet or pipette, you will find everything related to laboratory liquid handling from A to Z at! From the traditional industry standard Gilson Pipetma ...
Ad 499367
Your One-Stop Shop for Pipettes, Tips, Parts & Acc

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New Products
Make: BrandTech Scientific HandyStep® S  Price: Please Call
HandyStep® S Repeating Pipette The BRAND HandyStep® S repeating pipette provides unprecedented versatility in a purely mechanical repeating pipette. In conjunction with BRAND ...
Ad 502668
BrandTech Scientific HandyStep® S

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New Products
Make: BrandTech Scientific Single Channel  Price: Please Call
Transferpette® Single Channel Pipette BRAND Transferpette® pipettes are an ergonomic alternative to the traditional pipette design. The instrument is designed to use the natur ...
Ad 502667
BrandTech Scientific Single Channel

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New Products
Make: BrandTech Scientific -8/-12 electronic  Price: Please Call
The new BRAND Transferpette®-8/-12 electronic is an ergonomic, intuitive electronic multichannel pipette for use in virtually all multiwell plate applications. It is available in thre ...
Ad 502662
BrandTech Scientific -8/-12 electronic

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Manual repetitive dispenser with five position dial   Do you need to dispense the same volumes over multiple samples?   Rapidly aliquot 10 µl to 5 ml with ...
Ad 513533
FREE Dispensing Tips from USA Scientific

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Biohit / Sartorius Pipetters from Biohit continues to be the frontrunner in electronic pipetting. Leading the industry in accuracy and comfort, Biohit has invested twenty ...
Ad 509937
Biohit / Sartorius Pipetters from

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For Sale
Make: EPPENDORF Research and Reference  Price: Please Call
Dear Buyer, Greetings. We have quite good number of Eppendorf Research and reference adjustable volume pipettes (0.1 to 2.5, 0.5 to 10, 2 to 20, 10 to 100, 20 to 200, 100 to 1000 ul s ...
Ad 514040
EPPENDORF Research and Reference

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New Products
Make: VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Electronic Single Channel  Price: Please Call
These pipettes are the ideal ergonomic choice for users who need a comprehensive range of automated liquid handling functions. An easy-to-read display and simple-to-operate keypad allows ...
Ad 511002
VistaLab Technologies Ovation – Electronic Single Channel

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Featured Pipette Articles:

Pipettes - Ergonomics, Electronics Dominate Instrument Trend

Pipetting is part of nearly every laboratory’s workflow. Yet this established technology continues to undergo improvements, most related to usability and consistency. At the top of every manufacturer’s priorities, says Raymond Mercier, business director for liquid handling at Thermo Fisher Scientific (Waltham, MA), is ergonomics, which affects nearly every aspect of pipetting. Larger companies with serious health and safety initiatives lead the demand for pipettes that reduce repetitive strain while providing a high degree of reproducibility.

Pipettes - New Designs Reduce Fatigue and Increase Throughput

Few labs these days could survive without pipettes. Many assays require pipetting, and the increasing size of multiwell plates demands more steps than ever. Likewise, many experiments and processes—both in academia and in industry— must be validated, especially when regulatory oversight could be involved. Consequently, scientists demand increasing capabilities from pipettes.

Pipettes: Making the Most of Maintenance Options

Best practices dictate that pipettes undergo preventive maintenance and calibration at least once per year. Calibration involves dispensing set volumes of a liquid, usually water, into the weighing pan of a calibrated balance. Service personnel correct for temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, and then compare the expected weight to the actual weight.

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