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All Lab Medical Process Semi Test
For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Welch Model 2025  Price: 2,450.00
The Welch Dryfast Model 2025 Ultra Self-cleaning Vacuum System is an oil-free two-stage diaphragm pump that is ideal for use with a rotary evaporator for stripping high boiling-point solv ...
Ad 510765
Welch Model 2025

Auction Listings
Make: KNF Neuberger Laboport UN820.3FTP  Minimum Bid: $300.00
Make: KNF Mode: Laboport UN820.3FTP 115V   Fuse 2.6 Seria no.: 1/910066 In excellent working condition and great shape   ...
Ad 510749
KNF Neuberger Laboport UN820.3FTP
Auction Listings
Make: Kartell 2720-0000  Current Bid: $20.00
500 each "L" Tubing Connectors PP, 12 mm Fits tubing I.D. in inches  7/16. Excellent chemical resistance, autoclavable polypropylene, serrated connecting surfaces ...
Ad 510661
Kartell 2720-0000

Auction Listings
Make: Kartell 2821-0000  Minimum Bid: $10.00
Auction is for 1 set of 100 Large PP Check Valves Check Valve PP, large. Valve prevents the reverse  flow of the liquid when the pressure is interrupted.  Useful for any tub ...
Ad 510646
Kartell 2821-0000

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Edwards E1M18 Vacuum Pump  Price: $1,100.00
Ad 510604
Edwards E1M18 Vacuum Pump

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: LaboPort KNF USC-820  Price: 2,495.00
The Laboport Oil Free vacuum system combines the oil-free Laboport line of two-stage vacuum pumps with an easy to use corrosion-resistant programmable vacuum pump controller. The system i ...
Ad 510544
LaboPort KNF USC-820

Auction Listings
Make: Edwards E2M-1  Minimum Bid: $250.00
Operating working Edwards high vacuum pump can pulled a vacuum under 10 microns in the high vacuum gauge with dry ice trap.
Ad 510484
Edwards E2M-1

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