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Originally Found: Sunday, September 14, 2014    Location: Taunton, Massachusetts, USA

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  • Description: Dispenser: Essen BioScience: Pipeline 4354 Advantages Most sterile fluid dispensing is done with familiar hand-operated pipette aids. While adequate f ... Read More
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Essen BioScience Pipeline 4354 Dispenser : : Advantages Most sterile
Dispenser: Essen BioScience: Pipeline 4354 Advantages Most sterile fluid dispensing is done with familiar hand-operated pipette aids. While adequate for low-volume applications, hand-operated pipetting is tedious for large-scale cell culture due to the multiple aspirate, move and dispense steps. In addition, processes such as pipetting into angled T-flasks or removing/ inserting caps can be cumbersome, often requiring both hands and desiring a third. The Pipeline dispenser eliminates the tedious nature of these tasks. To operate, the user simply snaps in a sterile Peripette (Peristaltic Pipette), lifts the pump head mechanism, inserts the source bottle and lowers the assembly. After setting the desired volume, the user places the destination container under the output spout and initiates the dispense. Pipeline then performs the fluid transfer in a one-step operation. This saves time and reduces the tiring, repetitive motions (aspirate, move and dispense) as required for hand pipetting. Additionally, the dispenser is ready to repeat the process, as many times as is needed, until the source bottle is empty. With increased efficiency and high throughput capabilities, Pipeline facilitates repetitive laboratory tasks. For example, Pipeline provides a fast and accurate means for preparing multiple aliquots of a common reagent. Pipeline is also compatible with dispensing cells and suitable for use in cell culture. In multi-step procedures, one can use an aspirator along with the Pipeline to exchange cell culture media, solutions and reagents without the need to change multiple pipettes. Overall, the Pipeline dispenser enhances laboratory protocols by promoting consistent technique. Flexibility The Pipeline is capable of dispensing in two different modes. The first mode dispenses a user-defined volume of fluid per switch activation, and the second mode dispenses continuously during switch activation. In addition, three different dispense speeds are possible, which allow for the device to be tailored to the most demanding cell culture applications. The user also has the ability to save and recall up to 8 pre- rogrammed settings, and the unit can be activated via frontpanel switch or foot switch. The accuracy and precision of the dispensed volumes are similar to serological pipettes (see specifications). The Pipeline also provides an RS-232 interface if automation or remote operation is required. Convenience The design of the Pipeline dispenser optimizes the space usage inside the bio-cabinet, requiring a base footprint of less than 7” x 10”. When not in use, the pump head can also swivel back out of the way. This head can be configured on either side of the front panel, allowing for convenient positioning on either the left or right wall of the cabinet. In addition, the manual lift operation can accommodate vessels as large as a 2 liter roller bottle. Dispense Speeds 4, 6, and 8 mL/s approx. Programmable volumes 0.1 mL—99.9 mL 0.1 mL increments 100 mL—9999 mL 1.0 mL increments Memory 8 user presets Remote Control RS-232 Serial Foot Switch Precision 1 mL Dispense CV < 2.5% 2 mL Dispense CV < 2.0% Accuracy—Typical ± (2.0% + 0.12 mL) Source Bottle Max base diameter 4.75” (120mm) Max height 10.5” (266mm) Power 90–250 VAC 50–60 Hz 1.5 Amp @ 120V max Fuses (2) 5 x 20 mm 1.6 Amp 250V time-delay Dimensions (H x W x D) 14” x 11.25” x 8.5” (355 x 285 x 216 mm) Weight 24.5 lbs (9.15 Kg)

Essen BioScience Pipeline 4354 Dispenser : :
Essen BioScience Pipeline 4354 Dispenser : : Advantages Most sterile

Please note: Originally found: Sunday, September 14, 2014