Ultra-miniature, High Reliability DC to HV DC Converters Supply up to 5-10,000 Volts 

The Emco Q Series is a broad line of ultra-miniature, high reliability DC to HV DC converters supplying up to 5,000 volts in only 0.125 cubic inches and up to 10,000 volts in only 0.614 cubic inches.

These component-sized converters are ideal for applications requiring minimal size and weight. The output is directly proportional to the input voltage and is linear from <0.7V input to maximum input voltage, allowing for an adjustable output voltage

New Models and Options include:

  • New "QH" Models: 2.5 times more power in the same package!
  • Center Tap: Provides two outputs of both + and - polarity in one ultra-miniature, cost effective unit.
  • Control Pin Models: Designed for error amplifier control in closed loop systems, or easy On/Off function.
  • Optional VA Pin Pattern: Offers easy switch to EMCO performance, reliability and cost structure.
To view the Q Series and other converters on LabX, visit www.testx.com.
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