Dear LabX Supporters: 

On behalf of all employees of LabX Media Group, I want to thank you for your support as LabX enters our 20th Anniversary of connecting buyers and sellers of laboratory products. With over 200,000 registered users and over 140,000 website visitors coming to source products for their laboratories each month, we are very honored to have such a loyal customer base. In 1995, the founder of LabX, Bob Kafato, identified a significant gap in our industry–a website was needed where buyers and sellers of used laboratory equipment could connect to provide needed equipment at great market values, and he created the LabX website. We now serve the Laboratory, Process, Test and Measurement, Semiconductor, and Medical marketplaces. During the last 20 years, our website has improved and adapted to meet the needs of the scientific community.

In October we released many upgrades to our LabX platform which included: a new design for better user experience, better search capability via our dynamic search box tool to easily find new or used products quickly, category filters, and most recently a Buy Now capability for select products. The purchasing environment is changing rapidly and we understand that laboratory professionals need to source and purchase products quickly and efficiently. Our Buy Now program gives buyers and sellers the ability to close transactions on our site and will be a game changer for faster procurement of products at reasonable prices.

In 2014, our site displayed over 2 million products, making us one of the top websites to visit for scientific equipment and supplies. To that accomplishment we owe the many loyal companies and sellers on LabX who manage inventory and post products tirelessly on LabX. If it weren’t for the wide selection of products, the marketplace would not be the industry’s leading sourcing site.

LabWrench, our sister website to LabX, continues to enjoy increases in traffic each year as the site for “power users” of equipment to submit product and service questions. Visitors can find information on new products, solve problems they encounter using their equipment, and engage with manufacturers of scientific apparatus in a community environment.

As we enter 2015, we are humbled to have played a unique part in helping advance scientific research over the past 20 years, and we are even more excited for the future of LabX and the developments which are forthcoming. We look forward to releasing new features throughout 2015 and if you have any questions about using the LabX website or selling on LabX, please contact our Help Desk team at 888-781-0328 ext. 244.

Robert Sweeney