We Get Compliments...

We at LabX thank our users for sending us their compliments. Each and every one always makes our day.

"LabX really is the premiere site for those looking for equipment so I am glad to have your team working with me. Have a great day. " Mar/12 - Fred
"This site saves time over other auction sites due to its product focus. It also saves money as we clear products through this site well below our costs! Read the Full Post" May/11 - Dynalab
"You could not get faster service than this at the McDonald's drive-up window." Oct/10 - JM
"Thanks so much for offering the Goal Setting webinar. It was fantastic. I am excited to apply all that I learned in my Animal Research Facility! " Sep/10 - MN
"I will certainly revisit LabX because of your attention to customer service!" May/10 - SM
"I truly appreciate your help and great service making Labx my favorite Auction to list my items." Mar/10 - HydraQure Research
"We love LabX, we’re selling stuff like crazy! We had used other online listing sites in the past, but are much more successful selling on LabX. The advice, personal service and assistance provided have been a great help to us. " Mar/09 - Munday Scientific, Sanford, NC
"LabX is a great vehicle for getting equipment that is really just collecting dust off to places that can use it." Nov/08 - Abbie White, Lab Manager, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"I have always enjoyed using LabX as my main auction for my lab equipment, and after having had the great experience with your kindness and willingness to help I will definitely make LabX my only lab auction house" Mar/08 - Eduardo L.
"During the years I have been a member-user of LabX, the staffs at LabX Help have been very prompt and courteous" Mar/08 - J.R.
"Every day I can go to LabX and spend a couple of hours there. It’s very easy to work with it. I don’t always find what I want, but I don’t want to miss the chance" Feb/08 - J. Szeto, Petro Laboratories, Inc.
"I just wanted to let someone know that our first LabX experience was superb. It was one of the easiest purchases our company has ever made, and we are completely satisfied with the product purchased. Thank you, " Jul/07 - Roderic D. Bryson HT(ASCP), QIHC
"I was involved in a bid and won the auction for a portable EKG. It was a smooth transaction, I am pleased with the EKG and extras and the seller could not have been nicer. Every time I e-mailed I received an answer. Thanks for the opportunity to do business with you." Mar/07 - Janet, Florida
"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed purchasing items off of your site last year. 2006 was the year of the "balance" for us and Labx helped tremendously in this matter. I purchased four balances of different designs and configurations that came exactly as promised and clean as a whistle, thanks again." Mar/07 - Kevin J. O'Mara, Owner - Midwest Analytical Services, Inc.
"I was thinking LabX would be the same like other companies - but I was wrong! I was looking for two used lab machines and when I post on LabX, I was 100% sure that I am wasting my time... within 24 hrs I received first contact. I was surprised; I am very happy with LabX. Please give my regards to LabX team!" Nov/06 - SP
"Just wanted to share my thoughts on your wonderful website. Your site is easy to use and just excellent in every regard. Also, instant response to questions and guidance throughout the process! Even though I did not win the auction, the experience was just great. Thanks again!" Oct/06 - CB
"LabX.com is THE Internet site for buying and selling new and used scientific equipment. LabX has enabled me to develop several labs since 1997. Most of these labs would not have been economically or technically feasible without access to LabX. Finding the right buyer for a lab’s unused or unwanted equipment has been just as important as purchasing quality equipment at a fraction of new and used prices. Furthermore, the technical expertise of individuals and companies found in LabLinks are unsurpassed..." Jul/06 - DL
"As always, the staff at LabX is tops in my book!!!! " Apr/06 - L.S.
"It was a pleasure doing business with you. We sold all our equipment at excellent prices via LabX. I recommend your site highly to all lab people I talk to." Jan/06 - Jesper Nielsen, President, ZymaX Envirotechnology, Inc.
"If customers want to buy lab equipment from me on the internet they can only find my lab equipment in one place and that's on LabX." Jan/06 - JM
"A lot of good information you provided for the analytical market." Jan/06 - F.A
"We are glad to inform that we had first and success purchase via your net. Thanks and best regards." Dec/05 - H.X.S. (Hanoi, Vietnam)
"Thanks for your help. LabX has always impressed me with their responsiveness and courtesy! There aren't too many companies I can say that about. " Dec/05 - KT
"Good work, nice webpage." Nov/05 - M.O