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Thermal Support 2416727.2
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  • Description: Aluminum 6.7mm x 2.7mm Sample Pan, Qty. 200 Clean for DSC Product. We manufacture our own products in the USA and as the original manufacturer we a ... Read More
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Thermal Support, LLC
LabX Member since August 2007.
In business since 1977.
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What we do at Thermal Support is simple: We are a leading source for clean, high-quality DSC and TGA sample pans and thermal analysis consumables, accessories and instruments. We are known for our made-in-the-USA custom ceramic and aluminum sample pans. We’re proud of our products – just ask us for a sample, and we’ll ship it right out to you. With over 40 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge, expertise and network to find you the best solution.
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