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Allentown Cages

Allentown Cages

People are talking about the NexGen, and what they're saying is just amazing! Our goal in bringing the NexGen to market was to ensure it was the lightest, most cost-effective, easiest-to-use IVC system in the LAS industry. And from what we're hearing – we got it right! As a matter of fact, all of this great feedback is the reason why we're calling NexGen the Easy IVC!

The NexGen is new...but filled with the values that have made Allentown the number one housing solution provider to the Laboratory Animal Science community over the past 43 years. Dependability, performance, integrity, quality, value, expert manufacturing and renowned customer service...these are the attributes of the NexGen and every other Allentown housing solution.

MicroVENT full ventilation environmental rodent housing systems are designed to provide High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) at low velocities into both Micro-Barrier mouse and rat housing units and capture effluent air escaping from the cage.

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