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Hewlett Packard 1050

Hewlett Packard 1050

Hewlett Packard HPLC 1050. Isocratic pump. UV-Detector. Autosampler Marathon XT with 96 places. YoC: 1995.

Hewlett Packard 1050 HPLC

The HP 1050 HPLC system or the Agilent 1050 is a modular HPLC system that is commonly for sale on LabX. You can also buy a variety of components for your HP 1050 from detectors to pumps to autosamplers, and HPIB/GPIB interface cards. Finding a used HP 1050 HPLC on LabX is fast, easy and effective. Choose from the ads below and contact the sellers for more information.


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HPLC Power Supply (DPS-B) 5061-3374 for HP 1050
Price: CA$290.00

Condition: Not Specified

HPLC D2 Lamp not pre-aligned 79883-60002 for HP 1050
Price: CA$750.00

Condition: Not Specified

HPLC Active Inlet Valve 01018-60010 for HP 1050
Price: CA$450.00

Condition: Not Specified