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Agilent HP 6890

Agilent HP 6890

The Agilent 6890 GC is a leading Gas Chromatography system with state of the art dynamic temperature programming, EPC pneumatics and flow controls.

  • The  6890 comes equipped with a split-splitless injection system that supports a wide variety of  sample introduction echniques including thermal desorption, on-column injection, solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME), direct headspace injection, and solvent-based injections.
  • Standard equipment includes a flame ionization detector (FID) ideal for running serial parrafins for retention index determinations.
  • The Agilent’s well-documented reliability and ability to deliver extremely stable retention times make GCO and dilution analysis a robust sensory/analytical method.

The HP Agilent 6890 (G1530A) Plus Gas Chromatograph with Dual Split/Splitless Inlet is designed for an array of applications including: hydrocarbon processing, food safety, pesticide determination, chemical analysis, biodiesel, drug screening, toxicology, environmental and law enforcement.

The HP 6890 Series gas chromatograph system delivers unprecedented levels of performance, convenience, productivity, and eases regulatory compliance. The HP 6890 series GC features electronic pneumatics control of all gas pressures and flows. Onboard sensors automatically compensate for ambient temperature changes and barometric pressure differences to routinely achieve more accurate and reproducible results. has an extensive list of Hewlett Packard and Agilent offerings covering a wide range of applications and configurations. Please take a look at our listings and ‘Similar Product’ category to shop and purchase the system that is right for your needs. Find new and used systems, accessories, and parts on