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MicroClimate Chambers

MicroClimate Chambers

The MicroClimate® 3 is a compact environmental chamber designed to simulate a full range of temperature and/or humidity conditions. The small footprint of the MicroClimate® 3 combined with temperature and humidity capabilities make this chamber the number one choice for testing small components and products. Whether you need to perform temperature cycling tests or expose your product to steady state temperature environments, these chambers will maintain precise and accurate temperature/humidity control throughout your test.

Select from your choice of six different environmental chamber models available in 115V or 230V for faster heating & cooling performance. The MC-3-1-1-HAC model now has cooling transition rates of 5ºC/min for faster cycling in a small footprint.

Temperature and Humidity testing combined with a small footprint make the MicroClimate chamber the number one choice for laboratory testing. Find online auctions and classified ads for MicroClimate Chambers at LabX.