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MilliporeSigma Milli-Q Advantage A10

MilliporeSigma Milli-Q Advantage A10

The Milli-Q Advantage system has been designed to deliver high quality ultrapure water adapted to every user’s needs in today’s laboratory environment.  
The system features two separate and distinct components: the production unit and the delivery point-of-use unit:  

  • The Milli-Q production unit is a compact system that can be placed either on the bench, under the bench or on a wall–wherever it best suits you.  
  • The Q-POD (Quality-Point-of-Delivery) unit provides final polishing at the point-of-use, delivering ultrapure water adapted to specific needs. The Q-POD’s interface simplifies operation and displays essential data for complete user reassurance. Up to three Q-PODs can be used with each production unit at different locations within the same laboratory.  

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