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Varian Cary 50

Varian Cary 50

The award-winning, budget priced Cary 50 makes it possible for all users to experience the power of a Cary.

The innovative design of the Cary 50, which incorporates a Xenon flash lamp, enables it to offer many advantages over traditional UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

The Cary 50 is controlled by the new Cary WinUV software. This Windows based software features a modular design which makes it easy to use. And of course, the Cary 50 can be fitted with the full range of accessories to provide extra capabilities.

By incorporating a Xenon flash lamp, Varian’s Cary® 50 offers many key advantages over traditional UV-Vis spectrophotometers:

The maximum scan rate is 24,000 nanometers (nm) per minute. That means you can scan the whole wavelength range of 190–1100 nm in less than 3 seconds.

With a data collection rate of an impressive 80 points per second, you’ll have all the information you need about your kinetics assay.

The Varian Cary 50 can measure samples up to 3 Abs so you won’t have to dilute as often.

The Varian Cary 50’s super-concentrated beam makes it ideal for fibre optic work, offering excellent coupling efficiency and light throughput. And, its room-light immunity makes shielding of a fibre optic probe unnecessary.

Varian Cary 50 Spectrophotometer offers unique optical performance. Find the Varian Cary 50 and other new and used spectrophotometers on LabX. 

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