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Waters 2695

Waters 2695

The Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module is a high performance liquid chromatographic system with a quaternary, low-pressure mixing pump and inline vacuum degassing.

Flow rates from 50 uL/min to 5 mL/min can be generated for use with 2.1 mm ID columns and larger. The autosampler has a maximum capacity of 120 vials (12x32, 2-mL) with programmable temperature control from 4 to 40°C. A heated column compartment provides temperatures from 5 degrees above ambient to 65°C. The detector is a photodiode array (model 2996) with a wavelength range of 190-800 nm and sensitivity settings from 0.0001-2.0000 absorbance units.

Waters 2695 HPLC

Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module is the next generation of Waters Alliance Separations Modules, delivering enhanced capabilities not available when the 2690 was first introduced.  The consistency of the Alliance HPLC system provides exceptional confidence in analytical results, day-to-day and year-to-year.  The Waters 2695 Separations Module can be used for many applications including in-vitro diagnostic testing to analyze compounds such as diagnostic indicators and therapeutically monitored compounds. has an extensive list of Waters offerings covering a wide range of applications and configurations.  Please take a look at our ‘Similar Product’ category to shop and purchase the system that is right for your needs.

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Waters 2695 Separations System

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