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Optimize the Cannabis Extraction Process with VACUUBRAND® Vacuum Solutions: Product Review Infographicinfographic  |  cannabis  |  vacuum pumps  |  evaporation  |  concentration  |  filtration  |  distillation  |  short path distillation  |  cannabinoids  |  terpenoids  |  cannabis laboratory  |  

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Optimize the Cannabis Extraction Process with VACUUBRAND® Vacuum Solutions

Evaporation - Concentration - Filtration - Distillation

VACUUBRAND vacuum solutions combine intuitive operation with unparalleled precision and reproducibility. Adaptive control features equal less product loss, better product yields, and higher quality and potency of cannabis preparations.

Following winterization and filtration, cannabis extract is concentrated and solvent is removed by the use of a rotary evaporator or rotovap.

A main objective is to maximize solvent removal while minimizing loss of cannabis extraction product.

The process requires a balance between vacuum pressure depth and flow rate. If the vacuum level is too deep, product will evaporate - if the flow rate is too low, the processing time will suffer.

The VARIO select line of vacuum solutions use variable speed pumps combined with automated control.

Intelligent, automated control maintains the evaporation and condensation rates in balance, allowing the pump to quickly adjust to continuously-changing process conditions.

Automating the process enables optimal solvent recovery while freeing up operator time - resulting in maximized quality, potency, and productivity.

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VACUU.SELECT® fine vacuum control

As a final step in the cannabis extraction process, fractional distillation plays an important role in the quality and yield of cannabis components.

This is especially relevant for thermolabile and chemically unique terpenoid and cannabinoid compound preparations.

Without fine vacuum control and monitoring, these compounds may be lost or co-fractionate with more abundant species, thereby compromising their purification.

The VACUU.SELECT fine vacuum control package helps prevent co-fractionation of multiple components by maintaining vacuum levels within a tight range.

This enables separation of terpenes, cannabinoids, plant oils, and contaminants in discrete fractions.

Pair the Fine Vacuum Control Package with a deep vacuum source like the RZ 2.5 Rotary Vane pump, for faster speeds, lower temperatures, and higher quality results.

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For over 50 years, VACUUBRAND has been an innovative expert in vacuum solutions for science.

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