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Cannabis vs Coffee: The Science Behind the Ultimate Extraction

Regardless of the particular coffee roast or cannabis strain, there is a science to extraction that underlies the true essence of these plants and their extracted products.

Innovative New Products for Cannabis Extraction and Particle Analysis from FRITSCH

We caught up with Melissa Fauth, President and CEO, and Jeff Scott, Business Development Manager, to learn more about the exciting new PULVERISETTE 11 Knife Mill and ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT Particle Analyzer instruments.

Cannabis Laboratory Product Trends in the New Year

We take a moment and examine a few new product trends that will help the industry gain stronger footholds in the new year and beyond.

Cannabis and Chocolate: Analytical Testing Challenges and Progress

Recent work has shed light on the basis of chocolate sample interferences in potency testing

The Hemp Harvest in a Challenging Year

The hemp harvest season is now upon us -- time to reflect on how far the industry has come this year and what may lay on the horizon.

Hot Spots in the World of Medicinal Cannabis Development

Solubility, stability, dose release, and bioavailability -- progress in these areas is essential for the effectiveness of cannabis formulations, and the future of cannabis drug development moving forward.

New Cannabis Potency Testing Instruments and Equipment

New potency analysis products span the spectrum, from novel cannabis testing techniques such as FTIR and NMR spectroscopies, to innovative sampling techniques and more. Here is a brief view of new products on the market.

The Latest Cannabis Extraction Equipment and Technologies

The selection of extraction process depends on the intended targets, the resources available, budget, expertise, and the expanding needs of the operation. Here is a snapshot of the growing range of new extraction technologies available.

Optimize the Cannabis Extraction Process with VACUUBRAND® Vacuum Solutions: Product Review Infographic

VACUUBRAND offers automated variable speed pumps and fine vacuum control systems that are ideal for concentration and fractional distillation of cannabis extracts.

Hemp versus Hops: Past, Present, and Future for an Unlikely Pairing

A closer look at the similarities and differences — as well as the chemicals and compounds — that weave these two plants together in natural synergy.

Hemp versus Marijuana: CBD vs THC

Considering the important distinctions between CBD and THC and their origin, it is only fitting to detail the difference between these cannabis types.

Cannabidiol versus Tetrahydrocannabinol: CBD vs THC

With hemp now legal in the US, it is worth reviewing the differences between CBD and THC -- which range far beyond chemical and pharmacological.

Progress in Cannabinoid Purification and Testing

Great strides have been made with technologies to suit cannabis grinding and milling, compound extraction, and cannabinoid purification and testing.

Synthetic Cannabinoids: The Alternative Route

Synthetic cannabinoid treatments may include those that target multiple indications through specialty formulations and combination therapies.

Biosynthesis and Medicinal Value of Key Cannabinoids

Stratifying the therapeutic value of cannabis compounds will continue to rely upon improvements in cannabis processing and testing methods and equipment.

The Promise of Plant-based Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Further evidence to support plant-based cannabis therapeutics as both effective and safe may have positive effects on the medical marijuana field as a whole.

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