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cannabis cultivation

The 2021 Hemp Harvest: Stories from the Field

Several significant achievements in 2021 are helping to clear the path toward new found territory for hemp-based technologies. Here are a few recent stories from the field.

Sample Preparation of Plant and Animal Tissue in Remote Locations: Tools and Methods

Molecular biology methods are increasingly being used to monitor agricultural products directly, at the site where the crops and animals are commercially produced. Innovations in Tissue Extraction and Tissue Processing help to ensure the best possible outcome for farmers, scientists, and producers.

3 Important Considerations in Cannabis Contaminants Testing

We discuss three ā€œCā€s of contaminants testing ā€“ complexity, compliance, and costs, and the importance these bear on the success of operations.

Emerging Product Solutions for a New Cannabis Landscape

The post COVID-19 landscape will incorporate new tools designed to address challenges in both the lab and the field -- technologies that may be essential as we move to higher standards of safety, efficiency, and automation.

New Cannabis Sample Preparation Solutions: Monitoring the Plant and the Product

Whether testing cannabis plants in the field or cannabis products and extracts in the lab, quality testing depends on high-performance sample preparation solutions.

Cannabis Conferences Shed Light on Progress and New Products in the Industry: Part I

In the analytical area, several themes stood out during the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, OR September 4-7 -- Microbial Detection, Genetic Analysis, and Terpenes Testing. In this article we focus on microbial contamination and new testing products in this area.

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